Kiwi For Sleep: 7 Dishes To Fall Into Sweet Slumber
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Kiwi is a magical natural remedy to induce sleep and improve sleep quality as well. It is one of the most well-known fruits that have helped in regulating sleep in many patients. What makes kiwi so effective for inducing sleep is the high levels of melatonin content which is a hormone that acts in response to darkness and night. This hormone gives signals to the brain that it is time to sleep and improves the body's natural circadian rhythm regulation.

These effects of kiwi are backed by a scientific study published by Nutrients Journal in May 2023. The study was performed on a group of 15 elite athletes among which 9 were from the National Sailing Squad and 6 were from the National Athletics Squad. The participants were asked to consume two medium-sized kiwis before bed and recorded the results for up to 5 weeks. The results showed a significant improvement in the sleep quality of athletes without any other medications. Amazing! Isn't it?

There are many other ways to eat kiwi fruit other than just eating it directly. If you are someone who’s not much of a fan of its taste, then you should consider making something delicious out of it. Try these amazing recipes and improve your sleep in a delicious way.

7 Soothing Kiwi Dishes To Eat Before Bed

1) Kiwi Smoothie

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Kiwi smoothies are incredibly easy to make. All you have to do is peel and chop the kiwis, and add it into a blender along with water, greek yoghurt, spinach leaves, banana, and pineapple chunks. Make a smooth puree of it, chill for a few minutes and drink right away.

2) Kiwi Milkshake

Kiwi milkshakes combine two of the most effective foods that induce sleep. Milk contains tryptophan which supports the production of melatonin in the brain. By combining milk and kiwis along with some honey and lemon juice, you can make a soothing nighttime drink.

3) Kiwi Parfait

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For a funtime treat, kiwi parfait is a perfect dessert that you can make to enjoy savouring dessert before bed. This parfait also contains Greek Yogurt that is beneficial for sleep too. It is known for being an excellent source of vitamin B12, protein and calcium which helps in satisfying cravings and supports sleep.

4) Kiwi Chia Pudding

Kiwi chia pudding combines kiwi pulp, chia seeds, milk and maple syrup. All the ingredients in this pudding are helpful in inducing sleep. Apart from that, it also aids digestion, reduces irritation and relieves constipation as well.

5) Kiwi Salsa

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By mixing up pieces of kiwis with tomatoes, shallot, lime, cilantro seasonings and some salt, you can make a perfect salsa to pair with your garlic bread or crackers. This salsa creates a perfect blend of flavours and seasonings that gives a soothing relief from hunger pangs.

6) Kiwi Sorbet

If soaring heat is disturbing your sleep, you can chase it away with this refreshing sorbet. All you have to do is combine kiwi pulp with lemon juice and sweetener, blend it pour on a rectangular pan and spread flat. Then freeze this for 2 hours and scoop it out.

7) Kiwi Strawberry Salad

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The mild sweet and sour taste of kiwi combines beautifully with the juicy and tangy flavours of strawberry, creating a perfect sleep-inducing salad. Strawberries also have a surprisingly high melatonin content which promotes sleep.

For those who struggle with sleep quite often, Add kiwi to your grocery list and always keep it in your pantry to get a quick sleep boost. Eat kiwis regularly to see effective results and make these amazing dishes for nighttime cravings.