5 Fantastic Kitchen Tips You Must Try While Cooking
Image Credit: Kitchen Tips To Try While Cooking (shutterstock.com)

Many tasks that are related to the kitchen usually seem very difficult. Moreover, while doing them, there is a fear that it may spoil the dish's taste. These days, however, there are many such tips with the help of which even tricky tasks can be done in a pinch. Not only this, with the help of these tips, you can enhance the taste of your dish. If you also like to do new experiments every day to improve your cooking skills, today we have five such helpful kitchen tips. These kitchen tips can prove beneficial for you and solve many of your daily problems, from cooking to chopping. 

  • Making vadas: The simple trick to making vada is easy, but it is often challenging to give it the perfect shape. If you have never made vada before, use a bowl instead of shaping it by hand. For this, first, put water on the back of the bowl. Then apply the vada batter and give it a round shape with the help of fingers. After that, put it in hot oil with the help of the bowl. This method is very easy to give shape. You can also take a plate instead of a bowl. At the same time, while shaping the batter, only water is to be used behind the bowl, do not apply oil or other things.
  • Saving pickles from getting fungus: First, wash them and then cut them whenever you make any vegetable pickle. Don't mistake washing after chopping, especially when making instant pickles. After thoroughly drying the water, chop the chilli, garlic, or other vegetables. Dry it thoroughly in the sun. Mix turmeric after an hour and leave it in the sun for about five hours. Keep occasionally stirring, mix salt and other spices, make a pickle and store it.
  • Making peanut butter: When making peanut butter at home, use 1/4 teaspoon salt in the mixer. After roasting the peanuts, remove their skin and put them in the mixer. Sometimes due to the heat of the mixer, peanuts start releasing oil while grinding. In such a situation, when you are grinding peanuts, open them once or twice and check them with the help of a spoon. Then grind it again; it will be ready to make peanut butter instantly.
  • Removing fish smell: You must have noticed that its smell goes far and wide when cooking fish at home. You can try a trick to get rid of it. First, wash the fish and then keep it on a plate. Now mix lemon juice with turmeric, salt, and red chilli powder. Now, if you fry the fish, then its smell will reduce. While frying the fish, heat the oil very high, then add fish. With the help of this tip, the fish will taste better and crispier.
  • Making crispy tikki: Most people use boiled potatoes to make tikkis or pakoras, but you can also use raw potatoes. For this, grate the potato first and wash it after adding water. Now squeeze the potato with the help of your hands, extract the juice, and then use it for pakoras or tikkis. At the same time, while frying it, keep the flame of the gas medium.