Let’s admit it, just like Chinese, we Indians love Italian food too. The delicious pizzas, pasta, tiramisu and risotto have won over Indian’s hearts like no other. The love for Italian dishes is quite evident from the experiments of adding Indian tadka to some of the most authentic Italian dishes. I mean what else do you think has driven people to try out dishes like Achari paneer pizza, Rasmalai tiramisu and Masala pasta if not love for both the cuisines? However, some Italian dishes have no match. One of these dishes is Alfredo pasta. The creamy cheesy sauce cannot be replaced with any other sauce, no matter how delicious it is. 

As a foodie myself, I love trying different dishes at home. However, the first time I tried making Alfredo pasta at home, the texture of the sauce was grainy. The second time, it was clumpy and too rich for my palate. However, after multiple trials, I learned to make a perfectly smooth Alfredo sauce at home and I haven’t stopped making it every month since then. Are the above situations familiar to you too? I know the struggle and trust me, the tips mentioned below will surely work if followed correctly. 

  1. Use high-quality parmesan: We know a lot of companies sell pre-shredded parmesan cheese and using them will surely make your sauce grainy. Pre-shredded cheese is difficult to melt which will result in a non-desirable texture. 
  2. Whisk, not stir: You need to ditch your spatulas when it comes to making Alfredo sauce. Use a whisk to make the sauce if you want to get a smooth pasta dish. 
  3. Cook on medium heat: Do not bring the sauce to boil. If your sauce will start to boil, you will end up with a clumpy sauce. Try making it over medium heat. 
  4. Allow the sauce to stand if it's too thin: If your sauce is too thin, allow it to stand for some time instead of reducing it on heat. 

I hope these tips will help you enjoy a smooth and creamy bowl of pasta at home. Do try them and let me know how your pasta turns out.