Kitchen Tips: Signs That Indicate To Throw Away Non-stick Pans
Image Credit: Unsplash

Everyone who cooks on a regular basis would agree that a non-stick pan makes sautéing and frying a breeze. A non-stick pan contributes to the aesthetics of a modern kitchen with its smooth covering and elegant appearance. But do you know when it's time to toss/replace that black beauty to avoid health problems? Scroll down to learn more about the indicators that will alert you when it's time to toss away your non-stick pans.

1. Warping Of Pan

Non-stick pans frequently warp (become bent or out of shape) owing to heat or wetness, which is an alarming warning that you need to replace your non-stick pans. Food will not cook uniformly due to uneven surfaces, which may create digestive difficulties.

2. Discolouration

Every cookware fades with use and heat, but heavy discolouration of a non-stick pan indicates that the non-stick coating has been destroyed, and coating debris may become mixed with food and create discomfort.

3. Everything Has An Expiration Date

According to chefs, every kitchen item has a shelf life, and non-stick cookware has a shelf life of approximately 5 years. If you use it every day or 3-4 times per week, make sure to replace the non-stick pan every 4-5 years to keep safe and healthy.

4. Scratches

Significant scratches are an indication that the pan needs to be replaced. Do you know why? According to studies, non-stock pans are constructed of Teflon, which includes a harmful man-made chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It has been established that PFOAs include a carcinogenic substances. As a result, when scratches appear, it indicates that the Teflon surface is damaged, and chemicals may be flaking off into your food, making it dangerous.

Tips To Clean Non-stick Pans?

Do not wash non-stick pans immediately after use. Allow them to come to room temperature before washing in room temperature water with a light soap solution. Also, when cleaning the pans, always use a nonmetallic scrubber.