Kitchen Tips: How To Store Spring Onions
Image Credit: Unsplash

Spring onions are just immature onions picked before they mature into the larger, paper-skinned onions we eat on a regular basis. That is precisely what distinguishes them! They taste like the most delicious version of themselves. If you encounter them at a farmers market or a supermarket store, carry a bunch home with you. Then use these storing suggestions to ensure that your haul lasts as long as possible.

Storage instructions

1. Remove any rubber bands that are holding the green onions in place. Line up the green onions and remove the root.

2. To fit into a large ziplock bag, cut the green onions in half. If part of the green onion sticks out and won't go into the bag, trim it off.

3. If the green onions are wet, gently wipe them down with a paper towel.

4. Tear a piece of paper towel large enough to wrap around the green onion bunch. Place the white part of the spring onion in the centre of the paper towel. Wrap the green onions in the paper tightly without squashing them. Fill the ziplock bag halfway with the wrapped green onions. Rep with the onion's green half.

5. Place the bag in the fridge and seal it. Place no heavy objects on top of the green onions while storing.

Remove the green onions and set them until needed. Any unused amount can be handled in the following manner:

 Once a week, remove the green onions and gently wipe out any moisture on the green onion surface. Examine the green onions and eliminate any softening pieces (if any).

 Replace the paper towel for both the white and green parts of the green onion. Wrap them around again, then place the wrapped green onions in the plastic bag. Put the bag back in the fridge. Step 6 should be repeated until all of the green onions have been eaten.