Kitchen Tips: How To Store Cashews And Keep Them Fresh For Long
Image Credit: Unsplash

Did you know cashews are not actually nuts at all? Cashew is classed as a drupe, which is fleshy on the outside but carries a seed on the inside. This category includes almonds and pistachios too. Cashews have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids that can grow rancid and degrade if stored improperly. Yes, you read that right. This so-called nut can truly go bad and is no longer edible once it has expired.

The cashew apple seed includes a healthy amount of beneficial fats as well as oil (like any other nut), which can go rancid at any time. However, they do not become rancid overnight, and there are various elements that increase their chances of becoming rancid. As a result, cashews are packaged with information on their shelf life and best-before date. Even exposing cashews to extreme circumstances such as sunlight, heat, and air can hasten rancidity. Cashews can also go bad if they are not stored properly.

Storage Tips

We must ensure that cashews are stored in the proper conditions to extend their shelf life. When purchasing a store-bought package, ensure that it is tightly wrapped. They can also be stored in an airtight jar or a freezer bag to keep them fresh. However, when using a freezer bag, make careful to squeeze out the air before sealing; otherwise, moisture will get into the bag, causing rancidity. Also, make sure the cashews are stored in a cool, dark spot, such as a kitchen cabinet or freezer. The cashews will be protected from spoilage this way.

Shelf Life Of Cashews

If you have a large supply of raw cashews, you may keep them in the cupboard for up to four weeks. In fact, they can be refrigerated for up to 6 months to extend their shelf life. However, if an unopened container of cashews is stored at room temperature, it will last for approximately a month or two after its best-by date.

How To Identify Spoiled Cashews?

The majority of the ruined cashews are discoloured and covered in white moulds. Cashews that have gone bad might have a paint-like odour, a harsh taste, and a wrinkled texture. Look for a sour fragrance in them as well; this aids in the identification of rotten cashews.

Cashews that have gone bad should never be consumed. The only reason for this is that study has shown that expired cashews develop hazardous bacteria and fungi, which can represent a major threat if consumed. If a person consumes them, it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

They are mostly edible until they become mouldy. Always purchase cashews in little quantities so that they can be used within four weeks of purchase. Follow the principles of storing them appropriately and then only you can keep them fresh.