Kitchen Tips: How To Make A Perfect Bowl Of Sheera
Image Credit: Source: Vanita's Corner/Facebook

If there’s anything Desi that is easy, laborsaving and delicious at the same time, it is Sheera. A perfect bowl of Sheera enriched with cardamom and dry fruits smells like any other Indian festival. One of the best Indian dishes made with semolina, Rava Sheera is a classic South Indian breakfast. Believed to have originated in 13th century Arabia, Sheera travelled to India through colonization. The word ‘Halwa’ literally means ‘sweetmeat’ and has managed to tug at the heartstrings of millions since the day it was found. With time, Sheera has transformed and was made with different ingredients and even seasoned and topped with fruits. 

Like most Indian households, Sheera is a quintessential festive dessert at my home too. The smell of semolina being roasted is enough to tantalise my and my sister's taste buds and we impatiently wait for Sheera to be poured into bowls so that we can satisfy our palate with a spoonful. I believe this is the case with many others too. But this habit took a toll on me since I started living alone. No matter how much I tried, I could never make Sheera as delicious and aromatic as my mom's. So, to save you from this very disgrace, I have curated some tips that you need to follow to make the classic Sheera.

1. Always user coarse semolina while making Sheera to ensure the correct texture. 

2. If you are adding any fruit to the Sheera, don’t forget to reduce the amount of sugar you are adding to it. This will save your Sheera from being overly sweet. 

3. Don’t forget to roast your semolina with ghee on a low flame beforehand. This will enhance the flavour and make the raw smell disappear.

4. If you like your Sheera bright yellow. You can add saffron, turmeric powder or even yellow food colouring to it. 

I hope these tips will let you have a perfect bowl of Sheera. Try the recipe below to make it this festive season.