Kitchen Tips: How To Clean Your Gas Stove And Burners At Home?
Image Credit: Unsplash

Indian kitchens frequently employ gas burners for a variety of cooking purposes. We frequently forget to clean the burners on gas stoves when we're busy washing pots and woks. Ignoring their maintenance might result in problems such as misaligned flame distribution and higher LPG usage. To save time and money, it is imperative that they be cleaned on a regular basis.

Greasy stains build up on the small holes of gas stove burners that help distribute the flame evenly when the burners are not cleaned. These stains cause the burners to operate improperly, which leads to overuse of LPG. It's crucial to regularly clean the burners to avoid this. Here's how you can clean your stove burners.

A Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Stove Burners

Ensure The Controls Are Switched Off

Make sure that the stove is cool and all controls are in the off position before beginning any cleaning. The burner grates should be taken off and put away. Take off the burner caps.

Using a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or cloth and a minimally abrasive cleanser or soap, thoroughly clean all sides of the burner caps. Soak the hats in hot, soapy water for at least twenty minutes if they are really dirty.

Steps To Clean The Stove Burner Caps 

Try making a paste by mixing one part water and three parts baking soda if food and oil are still stuck to the burner caps. After applying the paste to the caps, allow them to sit for 20 minutes. After rinsing them, give them a gentle cloth wipedown.

Clean The Ports With A Cloth

Using a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or cloth and a minimally abrasive cleanser or soap, clean the burner base. Remove any food or grease with a straight metal pin or needle if the ports (the notches that help disperse the flame) appear unclean or blocked. Never use a toothpick made of wood. Using a gentle cloth and clean water, clean the burner.

Pat The Caps Clean And Dry

Gently pat the caps dry with a cloth before replacing them. Certain burners feature a marking that identifies which burner it belongs to on the bottom of the cap.

Replace The Clean Burner Caps And Check

Additionally, some burner bases contain pins to aid in proper cap alignment. When you try to spin the burner cap in either direction, it should move very little and fit flush with the burner. To ensure that the caps were successfully replaced, switch on the hob and make sure the flame seems normal.

Note: Cleaning your stove's surface, burners and grates after each usage will help it last through years of messy dinners. Even if there hasn't been a significant spill, your burner probably has some oil or food residue on it that might bake the next time you use it.