6 Simple Steps To Effectively Clean The Dishwasher
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Washing dishes is a painstaking task as it takes a lot of time and can be a challenge for many people. But a dirty sink that is filled with undone dishes is the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria can travel to the kitchen's other parts and infect everything. So to remain free from bacteria infestation, it is important to not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for a long time. Dishwashers are truly a blessing for people who do not have the time to do the dishes. One simply has to keep the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and it does all the job. During the process of cleaning, the dishwasher takes up a lot of leftover food and waste material from utensils and dishes. 

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If it's not cleaned at an appropriate time, this leftover food starts rotting and giving out an obnoxious smell, also infecting dishes. So it becomes essential for a person to deep clean the dishwasher from time to time so that it is the actual purpose of cleaning utensils. Here are six simple steps to clean the dishwasher properly.

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* Removing Waste Food

The first and most important step in the process of deep cleaning a dishwasher is to remove the waste food. Removing waste food from the dishwasher from time to time should be a regular practice. This helps ensure that any unnecessary food particles that are stuck inside the dishwasher are taken out before they become highly infected with bacteria. One must carefully take the food out with the help of a towel or a paper napkin.

* Washing All Parts Properly 

It is extremely important to wash all the parts of a dishwasher properly. Most of the dishwashers are detachable and different parts can be taken out by removing some screws. One can start by taking out the utensil holder as well as the dishwasher racks. The right way to wash them is by taking one cup of vinegar and then adding 4 cups of water inside it. The mixture must be poured on the different parts of the dishwasher, and it should be kept like that for at least 20 minutes. Now, after 20 minutes, these racks can be wiped with the help of a damp towel. Remember that the mixture should only be poured on non-electronic parts of the dishwasher.

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* Grime Of The Dishwasher 

The grime of the dishwasher is the storehouse of bad odour. Thus, it becomes essential to clean the interior of a dishwasher so that the utensils inside it do not come out with a bad smell. Just like the racks and other parts of a dishwasher, the grime can also be cleaned with some vinegar and water. One can also add some lemon juice and baking soda in the same mixture as these ingredients leave a good after smell. The mixture must be kept inside the top rack, and one must run the hottest cycle on the dishwasher. After this process is done, one must not wipe it; instead, let it dry naturally. 

* Filter Cleaning

The filter of a dishwasher also collects a lot of waste food throughout several washes. To clean the filter of a dishwasher properly, one must take it out and rinse it properly under cold water. The filter can be cleaned with the help of a normal dishwashing soap, and it can be scrubbed properly. The filter must be washed again and again with water to remove any residue of soap. One should let it dry naturally.

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* Drain Of Dishwasher

The drain part of a dishwasher is responsible for flushing out the dirty water, oil, and any food that can pass through it. Over some time, the drain can become very greasy and start giving off an unpleasant smell. The drain of a dishwasher can be cleaned with a mixture of baking powder and vinegar. This mixture can be prepared by adding a little bit of water as well. Now, the liquid has to be put inside the drain, and it should be left for 12 to 15 minutes. Now some boiling water must be taken and put inside the drain. It will help in unclogging all the blockages and also give a very nice fragrance. 

* Exterior of Dishwasher 

While it is important to pay heed towards the internal part of a dishwasher, it is equally important to clean the exterior of it. One must make sure that all the doors and different edges of a dishwasher that often collect dirt are cleaned properly. Removing stains or spots on the exteriors of a dishwasher from time to time is important. Otherwise, the spots can become very stubborn. The key to removing the spots is using a very light hand.