Kitchen Tips: Here’s How You Can Make Chicken Tikka Without Oven At Home

After the government lifted the restrictions on fine dining, I couldn’t resist and visited all the places I missed out on during the pandemic. From small street food stalls to fine dining restaurants, I visited them all. However, the only thing that remained the same is the foods I used to order. My tryst with outside food post-COVID began with relishing the comfort foods I missed out on while at home. From the usual chicken tikka and Bali prawns for the starter to Rogan Josh for the main course and Gulab Jamun for desserts, my menu was all same. 

However, when the second COVID blizzard hit us, I couldn’t help but try making all these comfort foods at home. I still remember the struggle of scrounging for kitchen equipments when I decided to make chicken tikka at home for the first time. Neither did I have any grilling equipment nor was my oven working. So, my last option was the OG tawa. And trust me when I say this, the tikkas turned out to be as perfect as the restaurant. Are you struggling the same way as I was? Here are some easy tips to help you make restaurant-style chicken tikkas at home without an oven. 

1. Size Of The Pieces
Cut the chicken into medium-sized pieces. This will allow the chicken to cook better and acquire the masala easily. 

2. The Masala
Prepare the masala with hung curd and do not add any water to it for best results. you can use either store-bought or homemade tandoori masala to prepare the marinade. 

3. Resting
Keep the marinated chicken pieces in the fridge at least for an hour before cooking them. This will help the chicken pieces to get tender because of the hung curd and acquire the flavour from the spices. 

4. Smoke It Up 

To add a smokey aroma and flavour to your tikkas, use the traditional method of smoking the chicken pieces with a piece of charcoal and some ghee. Take a piece of hot charcoal in a bowl, place the bowl in the bowl with the marinated chicken pieces, add some ghee over the charcoal and cover the vessel. Let the smoke infuse with the chicken pieces for a smokey flavour and fragrance. 

5. Type Of Pan 

It is ideal to use a non-stick, greased pan. Grease the pan with a teaspoon of oil or ghee on medium heat. You can also use a well-greased cast iron tawa to make the tikkas. 

We hope these tips will help you make perfectly delicious, tender and succulent chicken tikka at home.