Kitchen Tips; Clean Your Wine Glasses Properly With These Hacks
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After a party, few things are more unwelcome than a stack of filthy wine glasses displayed like trophy cases. It takes a long time and is slick to hand wash all that stemware. Yet, it turns out that washing wine glasses by hand isn't always the best option. There are a few measures you should take if you wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher to increase their lifespan and lustre. Similarly, if you must wash them by hand, there are a number of tools and techniques you may employ to make them shine while reducing the likelihood that they will break.

Here's how you can handwash them-

  • Concentrate on the glass' rim and outside. A glass's interior is rarely unclean, but if you'd like, you can wash it with some warm water and dish soap.
  • You can use any detergent as long as you rinse well. You only need a drop, nothing more. Some purists don't even wash their glasses with soap, as a matter of fact.
  • Hold it by the bowl, never the stem, and preferably low in the washbasin to prevent sliding. It can be quickly severed with a twisting motion.

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  • Don't use a cotton towel, but one made of microfiber (think of a larger version of the cloth you use to wipe your sunnies or spectacles). These clothes don't leave any fibre traces behind
  • To hold the glass without leaving fingerprints, use two towels.
  • The glass should be steamed before polishing. Just enough to get the glass steamed up, hold it over a boiling teapot while being careful not to burn your fingers. Afterwards, polish. When there is no steam left and your glasses are shining, you are finished. Brilliant!

How to clean a decanter?

  • Remember that no lips have touched the decanter before you rinse it with warm water and no soap as alcohol is a natural disinfectant. If you can't get to it right away, fill it with warm water and leave it overnight to avoid the glass from becoming stained with red wine.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, dry the accessible areas just as you would a wineglass.