What will you say if someone asks you the most time-consuming and challenging job in the kitchen? I will indeed say that it's chopping. Although one wants to make many dishes at home, cutting the vegetables take most of the time. You may not take as much time to cook a vegetable as it does to chop it. This is the reason that often we make more such recipes in which minimum chopping is required. However, many products can make your chopping accessible, but why spend money on them? When you can try some chopping hacks without the help of any products. 

So let's learn about some such chopping hacks:

Safety care 

When it comes to chopping skills, you also have to take complete care of safety. Many times, while chopping, the finger gets cut, and you get hurt. Therefore, whenever you are chopping, you should always have a good grip on fruits and vegetables. Also, while cutting vegetables, keep the fingers inwards instead of outwards as it reduces the risk of injury to a great extent.

Don't forget the chopping board

Always take the help of a chopping board while cutting fruits and vegetables. If you want to cut the vegetable quickly and adequately, place the vegetable on the chopping board and try to cut them in a single stroke. This will take less time with a better shape of veggies. However, it won't be perfect in the first go, although you can get an expert with consistent practice.

Choose the right knife

Usually, we use only one particular type of knife for chopping. But do you know it increases your work and it takes a lot of time? So first of all, you have to make sure that you choose the right knife for chopping. There are many varieties and sizes of knives available in the market. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind that the knife's edge is also suitable for chopping. 

How to hold the knife? 

You may not realize but holding the knife properly makes chopping easier. Whenever you cut vegetables, make sure that the blade's tip is always on the cutting board. If you have ever noticed, professional chefs always hold the knife in this way while cutting.