Onions are one of the most important ingredients across cuisines in the world. After all it is a super versatile ingredient. From a rich and dense gravy, to the crunch in wholesome wraps and rolls, onions are used in multiple ways. I love eating them raw as well. Don’t you love sirke wali pyaz with mint chutney and almost every north Indian restaurant? And the fried onion on pulavs and biryanis, also known as ‘Birista’, make me drool each time. The subtle crunch they add on top is something that completes the rice dish for me. Not just that, the humble vegetable comes with a whole lot of health benefits too since it is particularly high in vitamin C. It regulates immune health and also acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect us against inflammation and free radicals in the body. And while onions lend a distinct flavour to every dish, chopping and cooking onions isn’t an easy task. They certainly require delicate handling. Many food experts and chefs agree that cooking onion requires a lack of patience or it can compromise the flavour onions add to our dishes. But is there no way to preserve the essence of onion while preparing, say, biryani or pulao? Seems like celebrity chef Kunal Kapur has an answer, rather a trick, for this. The MasterChef judge recently took to Instagram to share a video tutorial explaining “super-easy way” to perfectly fry onions without burning them.

In the short video, the ace chef first peel off the skin of the onion and finely chop the onion into slices seamlessly. He also grated a bit of onion juice post this and then throw them gently in hot oil in a pan or wok. He tossed them in the oil till they turn brownish and then remove from the pan. Make sure to take out the residue oil using a stainless-steel liquid filter. Spread the fried onion slices on a tissue paper to completely dry them off. Once ready, spread them on your pot of biryani or pulao. Take a look:

A lot of people were impressed with the detailed process of frying onions and left a whole lot of comments. “What a lovely colour of Birista” wrote one of the users while another said “Wow excellent, perfect. thank you Kunal ji will try this.” What do you think about the video? Let us know.