Kitchen Tips: 6 Hacks To Store Carrots Fresh For Longer

With chilly weather and cool breeze, the winter season has arrived in India. We are keeping our summer wear inside and are shopping for woolen clothes. This is the season to snuggle inside your blanket and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Winter also brings various fresh produce to our plates like apples, pears, grapes, cauliflower, carrots and radishes.  

Speaking particularly about carrots, this vibrant vegetable is a staple in Indian cuisine. This crunchy vegetable can be consumed in a variety of ways. In India, carrots are popularly relished as curry, pickle, bhaji, salads and the iconic gajar ka halwa. According to Healthline, it is loaded with many nutrients including beta carotene, antioxidants and fibre.   

Here are six tips to store carrots fresh for a long time: 

Wrap In Newspaper Or Paper Bags 

This is a simple way to increase the shelf life of this vegetable. Wrapping carrots in a newspaper or paper bags before storing them protects this veggie from any excess water or sunlight. But make sure that those carrots steer clear of any blemishes or marks. 

Place Them In Sand 

This is a very effective hack to store carrots for a long time. All you have to do is wash and dry this vegetable. Then, place them in a large container filled with sand (the ratio of sand and carrots should be 1:1). In this way carrots can be stored for up to two weeks and then you can transfer them back to normal storage conditions. 

Store In Water 

This is an easy trick to keep the carrots fresh for up to half a month. Start by trimming both the ends of the vegetable and then peel them. Put the carrots in the container and fill it with water. Cover and seal the container with a plastic wrap and done. Replace the water every three days and your carrots will be fresh.  

Refrigerate Properly 

This is a simple and convenient way to keep carrots fresh for a shorter period of time. But if you store them properly, they can stay good for up to three weeks. Just clean and dry them, then wrap the carrots in a plastic bag or damp paper towel and store in the drawer of the refrigerator.  

Keep In Zip-Lock Bag 

This method is perfect for people with busy weekdays. You can peel, chop and store the carrots in a zip-lock bag. This is convenient and time saving as you don’t have to use a peeler or knife every time you wish to add carrots in your meals. The chopping size can vary as it depends on one’s convenience. 

Separate The Greens From The Carrots 

Cut and remove the green part of the carrots as soon as you bring them home. You can also store the leaves separately in a container if planning to use them. This is an important step to follow because those greens suck the moisture from the carrots and cause wilting.