Kitchen Tips: 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Cooking Rice

Be it Biryani, plain jasmine rice or pulao, we Indians can’t deny the fact that we wholeheartedly love a big helping of rice in our meals. Paired with varieties of sides, rice dishes are ubiquitous to Indian cuisine. Every regional cuisine in India has a signature rice dish/meal to it- be it the North Indian rajma-chawal or the South Indian Pongal.  

Being an Odia, I have seen my family indulge in rice dishes from morning to night. From pakhala to garam bhata-dalma, rice dishes are the definitions of comfort foods for us. As a kid, I always used to think that rice is the easiest thing to cook and that is why my mom makes it for two out of three meals a day. But the real game began when I went to Delhi for my higher studies. The first time I tried to cook rice, I ended up with a sticky blob of rice and a burnt bottom. I was nearly amazed and confused about what went wrong. However, with time, practice and numerous video calls with my mom, I learned to cook rice perfectly. If you relate to the aforesaid situation, here are a few mistakes you can avoid while cooking rice. 

1. Use a heavy-bottomed pot while cooking rice. A light-bottomed pot and high flame often lead to a burnt bottom, filling the entire vessel with a pungent burnt smell. Keep the flame low and let the steam do the job. 

2. Keep the rice to water ratios right. If you are using brown rice, make sure the quantity of water is double the quantity of rice. However, if you are using long-grained white rice, just increase the water quantity by ¾ cup. 

3. If your white rice is turning out to be clumpy, then here is a quick solution. Rinse your rice properly under running water to wash off the extra starch. The grain starch often rubs against each other and forms a fine powder. This powder makes the rice a globby and clumpy mess. 

4. After cooking the rice, rest it by covering it with a lid for at least 15 minutes. This will redistribute the heat and result in even cooking. 

5. If you are worried about your rice tasting bland, add a pinch or teaspoon of salt to it while cooking to add some flavour. 

We hope these tips will help you get a perfect bowl of rice from now onwards. Let us know how they help in the comments section.