Kitchen Tips: 5 Foods To Bring Down The Heat In Your Curries
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There is no doubt that cooking requires skill and precision and there are moments when you don't usually get the measurements of the ingredients right. While some minor mistakes go unnoticed most of the time, there is one thing which doesn't go unnoticed and that's the extra spiciness. Not every day is the same and there are occasions where you accidentally mess up the spice levels of your curry which could be a daunting experience especially if you have guests coming over. Apart from mismeasuring the ingredients, the intensity of spice in the chillies or any spice agent that you are using also matter which basically means this could happen any day even after getting the measurements right.

So we bring you the best foods and techniques to help salvage your curry from going to waste. Not only it will help you save your curry but will also allow you to enjoy your food as you intended.

Dairy Products

Milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese and sour cream are common dairy items that have been traditionally used in many Indian curries. Usually incorporated to give the curries a smooth texture and buttery mouthfeel.

But you can even incorporate a diary when you feel you have added too much heat to your curries as it will not only lower the heat but will also give a delicious flavour to the curry.

Nutty Paste

Another easy and flavourful way to reduce the spice levels of your curries is by adding a nutty paste and mixing it well. To reduce the spiceness, there many options that you can use such as coconut paste, peanut paste, cashew paste, almond paste or tahini paste all work wonderfully.

Starchy Foods

Another category of foods that helps in reducing the spiciness of foods is starchy foods. Foods like rice, bread and potatoes work wonderfully. Simply take a small amount of potatoes or bread and mix them in your curries. This to some extent will dilute the spicy flavour of the curry.

Add Other Ingredients

This is something anyone can do even if they don't have proper knowledge. Simply beat the heat by bulking up the other ingredients in the curry. For example add more major components to the curry such as veggies, meat or broth depending on what curry you made. The inclusion of more ingredients will absorb some of the spiciness from the curry and make it a curry worth enjoying.

Use Acids And Sugar

This is one of the simplest techniques you can follow to lower the heat levels. Lemon juice, vinegar, lime juice, chopped tomatoes and sour yoghurt all help you diffuse the heat from your curries. It is simple and requires common ingredients so you don't have to worry.

As the acids will give the curry a tart flavour, balance it out by adding something sweet to the mix. It could be honey, sugar or any other sweetener that you prefer.