Eggs are probably the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen. I mean what can you not do with it? Have a boring salad? Drop in a boiled egg and you have a protein-rich meal to relish. Have leftover gravy? Add an egg and you have a quick dinner at your table. The list goes on and the fact remains that egg isn’t just a healthy, protein-rich source but also quite a saviour. Not just salads or gravies but it is a great ingredient in desserts too.  And boiled eggs are definitely one of the most popular ways to relish eggs. It is quick, easy-to-make, and oh so delicious when sprinkled with a dash of salt. And you can even add it to other recipes including biryanis and curries.

But one question that has many of us scratching our heads is how long an egg should be boiled for various dishes and if there’s a genius hack for a perfectly boiled egg? It really isn't all that easy. Boil them for a minute longer and you’ll have them taste like rubber, and boil for less time and they’ll be runny. But don’t worry it isn't rocket science, after all! We’ve got some simple tips and tricks for you to get a perfectly boiled egg. 

1. Steam them 

One of the tips that I got from a friend was that steaming the eggs actually works better instead of boiling. Placing eggs over a pot full of steaming water allows the eggs to cook evenly and gently with less risk of cracking. All you need to do is place your eggs in the steamer, cover and cook continuously over high heat in boiling water.  

2. Cold Water 

Putting the freshly boiled eggs immediately in cold water is one of the most popular tricks. It makes sure that the ice-chilled water stops the heat to affect the eggs further and change the texture. 

3. Time 

Eggs, when exposed to high heat for a long time turn the yolks green, which means you’ve actually overcooked them. And the best way to avoid this situation is to just let the water come to a boil. So you don’t boil hard-boiled eggs for long.