Kitchen Hacks: 7 Different Uses Of Cling Wrap
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Cling wrap is a very popular product in the West. In India also, it has become popular among common people and more people are getting acquainted with the benefits of using this product. It is already a staple in the hotel industry because of its multifaceted uses. A lot of people are not aware of the multiple uses of cling wraps, which is why they are mostly used only for covering fruits and vegetables. 

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However, cling wrap can be used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen among common people. They help in the prevention of germ infestation or accumulation of dirt. Placing them in different parts of the house provides a layer of protection to the furniture. Here are some top ways to use cling wrap in the kitchen to ensure better hygiene.

* Kitchen Cabinets

A great way to use cling wraps is by spreading them in the kitchen cabinets. Very often, the kitchen cabinets are not cleaned properly. Over time, these cabinets become very dirty, and eventually, it becomes almost impossible to clean them properly. However, one can avoid all this mess by simply spreading the cling wrap on the kitchen cabinet. One can keep changing these wraps sporadically. It provides a layer of coverage to the kitchen cabinets and keeps them clean for a long time.

* Doors and Windows

Very much like the kitchen cabinets, the doors and windows of the kitchen are also ignored and not cleaned from time to time. It is very important to maintain cleanliness in all parts of the kitchen if one wants to maintain optimum hygiene. Covering kitchen windows and doors with cling wrap is a good way to save time and yet keep the kitchen doors and windows clean. It also helps provide coverage to the paint of doors and windows and sustains it for a long time.

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* Glass Containers

Very often, new and squeaky clean glass containers become full of spots because of different oils and ingredients present in the kitchen. However, it is important to keep these containers at an arm's distance to save time in the kitchen. In this case, one can protect their crockery by covering it with some transparent cling wraps. These wraps are not evident from a distance and yet cover the actual surface of glass containers. One can replace these cling wraps from time to time so that they don't look old.

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* Covering Microwaves

Microwaves are also susceptible to attracting germs and bacteria and also get stained pretty quickly. While a lot of people devote substantial time to cleaning microwaves, this time can be easily saved by a simple trick. One can cover the outer surface of a microwave cleanly with a cling wrap. This will provide an external coat to the microwave, and any stain or dirt accumulation will only happen on the cling wrap and not the actual microwave. So one doesn't have to clean the microwave again and again, and can simply remove the cling wrap once it becomes dirty and paste another one.

* Inside Fridge Shelves

While most people pay heed to keeping the kitchen cabinets and cupboard cabinets clean, not a lot of people pay attention to the fridge shelves. Very often, a lot of food gets spilt on the shelves and remains there for a long time. This becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and different types of germs that can transfer to fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also very hard to clean food shelves again and again as one has to empty the fridge and clean it properly. A great way to ensure refrigerator hygiene is to cover the fridge shelves with some cling wrap. 

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* Removing Wine Cork

Using cling wrap to open the wine cork is a simple trick that not a lot of people are aware of. One can remove the cork of any bottle by swirling the plastic wrap around the bottle until the cork is removed properly. This is an effective way to open wine bottles without getting constantly annoyed by pressing the cork with one's hands.

* Flowers Fresh

Covering flowers with a cling wrap helps retain moisture and freshness in the flowers. So if a person has bought flowers to give to someone, then they can keep them fresh by covering them with a cling wrap properly. Flowers are also used widely in the baking industry. Covering flowers in a cling wrap is a great way to ensure that flowers remain fresh for a long before being added to the cake for decoration.