Kirsch- The Boozy Drink We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On
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Kirsch or kirschwasser (cherry water) is a transparent, colourless brandy created from the distillation of cherries, particularly sour cherries. Despite the fact that many drinks created with cherries have a sweet flavour, this is not the case with this drink. Kirsch of good quality has a bitter flavour.  Kirsch is claimed to have originated in Germany's black forest regions, but it is currently famous in Switzerland and a favourite of many. 

This drink was originally given as an aperitif, but it is now offered as a digestif after dinner because it is said to aid digestion.  Aside from drinking it plain, many people mix it with other drinks and syrups to make amazing cocktails, which they claim taste fantastic. Its flavour is frequently compared to vermouth, a type of fortified wine. 

Because it's created with fermented cherries, especially dark and sour ones, it's classified as a fruit brandy. These are often aged in ash barrels or clay pots, giving them a transparent clear colour.  

Kirsch should always be served chilled in small glasses due to its high alcohol level; if you're creating cocktails with it, only use a small amount because it's so strong that a small amount will give your cocktail a very strong flavour. Although few people are aware of it, adding this drink to a variety of foods and sweets is a widespread practise in Switzerland. Kirsch is a common element in their holiday cakes and even chocolates, where a small amount of wine is used to give the chocolates a boozy edge. Lindt, a Swiss chocolate company, has a range of Kirsch chocolates for Kirsch enthusiasts. 

 Try out this recipe to prepare a very famous Kirsch mocktail at home-  

 Kirsch Royale 

This is the summer cocktail you've been looking for. Perfect for your evening, and even better to serve your next house party guests. 

Ingredients needed:  

    Kirsch- 15 ml 

    Cherry syrup- 30ml 

    Champagne or sparkling wine- 100ml 

    2-3 cherries 


 Combine Kirsch and cherry syrup in a glass or champagne flute, then pour the mixture into the glass or flute. Finish with a splash of sparkling wine and some cherries. Serve right away.  I am confident that the first time you have this drink, you will fall in love with it. Please give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Also, share this fantastic drink recipe with your friends.  

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 How to use Kirsch in multiple ways: 

Aside from using them as a drink or in cocktails, you can also use them to make whipped cream for desserts or add them to baking mixes. It adds a particular cherry flavour to your dish, and you will not be disappointed. 

 Tip: Always use top quality Kirsch, as the cheaper version does not have a good taste, comes with no flavour and no scent. This drink stays good for 2-3 years if stored in tightly closed bottles.