Kiren Rijiju Digs Into The Goodness Of Manipuri Thali
Image Credit: twitter

No one can deny that food is necessary for survival, and keeping in upto with the same thought Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said “'Elections are crucial but food is essential. When in Manipur eat Traditional Manipuri Thali - served on banana leaves, Side dishes include a variety of ooty, boiled vegetables, pickles, mustard paste and iromba (fermented fish, potatoes, shrimps, mushrooms, red chillies etc)”. The minister who was visiting the state during his campaign is seen enjoying a full 19 course Manipuri meal. The video has gone viral where the hotel staff is seen explaining him the dishes. The nineteen-course meal consisted of vegetable, fish and chicken dishes with desserts made from black Manipuri rice (chakhao) and cooked pineapple. After the presentation, Rijiju thanked the staff and said, "Thank you, I will not eat the fish and the meat but I will eat all other items. Manipuri black rice is very popular. The fruit-based sweet dishes are very good.

"For those visiting Manipur and trying to figure out what to eat here are few of the top dishes from the state. 


Kangshoi which means broth is a vegetable stew that sees most of the popular seasonal vegetables is lightly boiled and flavoured with sliced onions, cloves, salt, garlic along with some ginger. This stew goes best with rice or fish and is eaten piping hot.


This combination of boiled veggies and fish happens to be a Manipuri staple. This delicacy pronounced as ee-rom-ba, is a taple of the Meitei community. Made with dried and fermented fish and locally available veggies, the main ingredients is the fermented dried fish the Ngari in Manipuri. This is an no oil recipe and is super healthy. 


This Manipuri baked dish from the Meitei cuisine, is made with thick batter of Bengal gram flour. loaded with vegetables, herbs, chillies and ngari( fermented fish) this dish is wrapped in banana leaves an then steamed. This dish is great as a snack. 

Chakhao Kheer

Chakhao happens to be a rice variety from the state that’s black in colour. A dessert made with this black rice is an authentic Manipuri delicacy. This kheer sees a much unique and nutty flavour and is much aromatic like other indigenous rice. Black rice also called the forbidden rice, is rich is fibre and antioxidants too.