King Charles III Is Disliking His Food Routine Modifications!
Image Credit: King Charles III and his evening tea session, Livemint/Pexels

The current King Charles III is an incredibly busy man. He reportedly skips lunch in favour of keeping a few snacks on hand. But he tends to stick to one lifestyle decision every day. It's skipping lunch and heading outside to breathe some fresh air. According to Julian Payne, his former press secretary, the King maintains a relentless schedule. But there have been a few changes in his daily routine after becoming the monarch, which he is disliking.  

The first significant pause of the day will be at 5 pm when the King likes to stop for tea. According to Cornwall Live, Charles III uses this time to relax and reenergize while eating fruit cake and sandwiches with the Queen Consort. 

It seems he doesn't like this change of schedule to take a break. Earlier it was during lunch time he used to go for walk. According to studies, taking a walk outside during your lunch break can benefit everything. It offers several advantages, from improved attentiveness and creativity to a greater sense of overall task enjoyment.

 Let's have a look at how his day's diet goes along.


Black tea, Image Source: Pexels

The monarch starts the day with a modest glass of fruit juice and an Indian black tea. According to studies, both are beneficial to health. The King's typical workday is relatively exhausting. It starts with the radio news headlines and a seasonal fruit salad with seeds and tea for breakfast. The new King's breakfast consisted of fruits and seeds. Many people have claimed that the King was given eggs every morning, but Julian has refuted these stories.


The ex-employee said the King doesn't eat lunch, adding that he has other dining preferences. Around 1 pm, the former Prince of Wales would take a break from his "incessant schedule." But this is for a walk, not a lunch break. He detests spending too much time indoors and keeps the windows open all the time.


Charles eats his dinner precisely at 8:30 pm. It comprises produces cultivated on their estate. Charles, a strong proponent of sustainability, chooses to eat primarily plants to lessen his carbon impact. Back in 2021, he stated to the BBC, "I haven't eaten meat or fish on two days a week for years. On one day per week, I avoid dairy products." 

Veg salad, Image Source: Pexels

 Having a side salad with every meal is a requirement for the former Prince, according to Graham Tinsley MBE, a former manager of the Welsh Culinary Team. This salad has excellent detail.