Kids’ Birthday Party Menu: 4 Recipes For An Exciting Fare
Image Credit: French Fries

Remember when we were kids, we would be happy with a packet of chips, a cake, or a simple burger for a birthday party. Things have drastically changed now, and so have kids’ preferences. From a platter of patty, chips, and cake, we have moved to a whole fair of pizzas, pastas, and more. 

Blame peer pressure or social media influence, kids these days want quite the spread to celebrate their special day, and parents too agree. So, if you are planning a party for your little one, you can prepare some ‘fancy’ dishes to your kids’ liking at home. 

We have a few exciting food ideas to add fun to your child’s birthday party. With some of the most popular yet easy-to-make dishes that all kids want on their birthday menu, you can be the best chef for your kid’s birthday. Here are a few recipes.   

1. Berry Smoothie 

Move over the carbonated drinks or the simple old nimbu pani for beverages, and experiment with some smoothies. This yummy berry smoothie is replete with the goodness of strawberries, raspberries, along with the deliciousness of peanut butter, honey, and the refreshing Greek yoghurt. It will be a definite hit at a summer birthday party.  

2. French Fries 

A fuss-free snack for the party, French Fries are one of the most popular foods when it comes to having something quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. A bowlful of French fries is just so convenient for kids, no spoon, no spilling, just the best ‘pick up and eat’ snack. The plain salted potato fries require just some potatoes, thinly sliced along with some salt, and a basic recipe to make them. 

3. Margherita Pizza 

A kids birthday party is one where you can experiment, but not too much. Kids can be picky and so you have to make the menu a little fun, not too unhealthy yet delicious. And a kid's party cannot be one without a pizza, and Margherita pizza, with no fancy topping is perhaps your safest bet. Play around with the sauces and herbs, just don’t make it spicy. 


Speaking of Margherita, did you know Margherita pizza was named after Queen Margherita? According to popular legend, in 1889 King Umberto 1 and Queen Margherita visited Naples, where they tried a range of pizzas after they got bored with their regular gourmet offerings. The queen particularly loved the simple pizza with just tomato sauce, green basil and mozzarella cheese, and since then this variety of pizza is known as the Margherita pizza. Interesting, isn’t it?  

4. Pasta 

While pizza might be a hot favourite of many kids, pasta comes close to it. And while red sauce pasta can be a spicy affair, white sauce pasta is a great option. Laced in creamy and cheesy white sauce, pasta is something most kids love to indulge in. Here’s a simple white sauce pasta recipe for your kid’s birthday and see all the other kids gorge on it.