Kids Special Mukhwas Made With Amla And Beetroot

It's always a treat to have an Indian lunch, which features a wide variety of delectable dishes and regional flavours. A platter of mukhwas may be provided to you if you are fortunate enough to attend one. But precisely what is mukhwas?  

Mukhwas, though unfamiliar to some, is a crucial component of Indian cuisine. Usually chewed after a meal, it is a combination of seeds, spices, and other ingredients. Mukhwas are available in a variety of flavours at most Indian grocery stores. The most prevalent ingredient in the majority of Mukhwas flavours is fennel seeds. It is a popular way for people to end meals on a good note and support digestive health. 

Eating mukhwas is regarded as a gesture of respect since it conveys your satisfaction with the dinner and appreciation for the host's hospitality. While adults appreciate this mukhwas, kids have a hard time adjusting to it. They prefer flavours that are more sweet and tangy than those found in the original mukhwas (though it has a plaseant flavour).  

We assure you that Mukhwas will leave your or your children's breath feeling fresh and the taste buds relaxed, regardless of the flavour you select. Mukhwas, a vital Indian ritual that has existed for generations, are known for their revitalising effect and health advantages. 

Here’s a kid friendly mushwas -  Amla Beetroot Mukhwas  

It has a great flavour, is nutritious, and is great for digestion. The vibrant colour and khatta meetha flavours will appeal to children. 


Grate ½ Kg of amla after washing and drying. Wash, peel and grate 1 Beetroot. Dry this too. Combine the rock sugar, black salt, and amla and beetroot. Keep the mixture indoors for two days by covering with a small cloth. After that, let it dry for a week in the sun. When it is totally dry, keep it in an airtight container. If dried correctly, it lasts for a year. 

Benefits of Amla 

Amla has a lot of chromium, which aids in digestion and makes your child's appetite develop. Gut health benefits greatly from its high fibre content. 

It is one of the best sources of antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which increase immunity. Also aids in the body's toxin removal. 

Amla is renowned for both preventing and treating respiratory conditions including colds and coughs. 

Benefits of Beetroot 

Beetroots are rich in fibre, which helps with digestion and prevents constipation. 

It contains a lot of iron, which is beneficial for curing anaemia. 

Aids in clearing the body, boosting immunity, and lowering inflammation.