With so many talented actors working on the project, Jugjugg Jeeyo seems to be a promising movie of 2022. The lead actors, Kiara Advani and Varun Dhawan are paired opposite each other in this film and the promotions are going on in full swing. While the romantic drama has created a lot of buzz among the audience already, it is the two actors and their vibrant personalities which has added to the pomp and show. With a fun-loving and jovial nature, Varun Dhawan is also a hard-core foodie. The Punjabi in him cannot let him resist pizza as per interviews in the media. He also expressed his love for coffee several times on Instagram. On the other hand, the shy and beautiful Kiara Advani also loves digging into her favourite foods once in a while. The actress was seen enjoying a lavish brunch on a Sunday some time back. 

In fact, Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra were vacationing in Istanbul a while ago and gorging on the regional delicacies. This time, we saw her with co-actor Varun Dhawan while on her promotions for their upcoming film, Jugjugg Jeeyo. They were seen enjoying a cozy lunch with their team. The video posted by someone from the team was re-shared by Kiara on her Instagram stories. The table was full of food and it looked very tempting. There were lots of curries and gravies so we’re assuming they were having a desi feast. See what they were having. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Kiara Advani 

We could spot some palak paneer with the creamy spinach curry and paneer cubes inside. Then, we also noticed a bowl full of creamy orange curry which had pieces of succulent chicken. We’re assuming this is butter chicken and then camera panned towards Varun and Kiara and they were enjoying the food and showed a thumbs up. 

Are you craving desi food too? Here are some desi curries that you can make at home. 

1.  Butter Chicken 

Butter chicken seems like a hassle but you still keep craving it? This easy recipe will come in handy. Slice the chicken into pieces. The chunky chicken is dipped in a creamy and smooth butter-based gravy made with tomatoes and onions. The buttery chicken dish is often paired with garlic or butter naan to enhance the taste. 

2.  Palak Paneer 

The soft and cheesy pieces of paneer are diced into small cubes. Spinach aka palak is blanched and made into a nice and smooth mixture. To this thick mixture, paneer or cottage cheese is added and the overall dish becomes a wholesome and nutritious meal. Since it isn’t a runny gravy, it is best eaten with chapatti. 

3.  Malai Kofta 

Kofta, for the unversed, are crunchy balls with a soft interior. Potatoes and paneer are mashed together to form a ball. This ball is bound together with some moist bread and fried in hot oil. The gravy for these koftas is creamy, similar to butter chicken, made with tomatoes and onions. You can have it with rice or roti.