Kiara Advani's Gujarati Indulgence With Dhoklas, Theplas

Bollywood actor Kiara Advani is known for sharing her nutritious as well as delicious food adventures with her fans, be it her wedding menu or the green smoothies essential to her fitness and skin routine. Her latest film, Satyaprem Ki Katha, was released on June 29, and this has once again prompted the actor to share the gastronomic treats she can dive into.

Kiara has posted a story on Instagram that features a delectable spread of Gujarati snacks just waiting to be devoured. Captioning the story, ‘When my Gujarati friends watch my movie and love it.. this is what I get,’ she has shared what her friends have sent her after watching her latest release.

On a white plate with black polka dots is an array of delicious Gujarati snacks, including what appears to be white dhokla, mathri, theplas, vada pav, and an assortment of chutneys. There’s a green coriander mint chutney, a garlicky dry chutney, a tangy red dip, and a small square bowl with some green chillies, without which the dhokla would be rather incomplete.

Featuring Advani and Karthik Aryan in the lead, Satyaprem Ki Katha tells the story of the unemployed and failed law student, Sattu, who ends up falling in love with Katha, the daughter of a rich businessman. When fate leads Katha into a forced marriage with Sattu, he marches on with unconditional love for his wife even as she grapples with heartbreak.

The story revolves around a Gujarati household, so is it any wonder that Kiara is receiving these much-loved Gujarati treats? The actor’s love for Gujarati food is well known. While shooting in Ahmedabad, she was spotted gorging on a lavish regional thali filled with all kinds of sweet and savoury delicacies. Tell us in the comments below what your favourite Gujarati snack is and whether you like your dhoklas yellow or white!