Kiara Advani Enjoys A Gujarati Thali With Kartik Aaryan While Promoting Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2
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There’s no food in the world that’s able to hold its ground when it comes to being pitted against a delicious desi thali of any regional cuisine of our country. From Kashmiri cuisine to Tamil cuisine, India’s regional culinary heritage is rich and absolutely mouth-watering! A variety of dishes, varying in colours and ingredients make up for a gastronomic heaven. When you catch a glimpse of your favourite celebs devouring a desi thali, the craving for tasting the thali overpowers you even more. Gujarati cuisine in particular, serves like a flavour burst in your mouth with sweet, spicy, salty dishes kept side to side on a platter, ready to be gobbled up! The sheer variety of the Gujarati cuisine is overwhelming and often even after eating a thali, you’re yet to taste a few dishes that are cooked in the kitchens of this region. 

Whether you are eating the Doodhpak as a dessert or Gujarati Kadhi in the main course, you’re always left wanting to reach out for another bite. Gujarati cuisine’s snacks like Dhokla, Khandvi, Kachori, Khakhra and more are enjoyed all over India with tea and other beverages. The pull of Gujarati cuisine is massive and if you’re visiting Gujarat, you just have to dig into a Gujarati thali at a local restaurant near you. Celebrities who often visit Gujarat for promotions of their movies, also take time out from their jam-packed schedule, to roll up their sleeves and indulge in a Gujarati thali.