Ketchup Popsicle Is The New Fusion To Disgust The Internet
Image Credit: Image: Twitter

Come summer season, and we are all about indulging in all things chilled and delicious. From chilled beverages to ice creams, popsicles and sorbet to popsicles, the season is all about bingeing on such treats to keep us cool and refreshed in the hot summer months. Speaking of popsicles, there are myriad flavours and forms that one can find in the market these days. And then there are new flavours coming up every day with people inventing by the minute. One such recent Popsicle experiment, however, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. You may have tried mango, watermelon, and so many amazing flavours,  but what if someone offers you a new ketchup Popsicle? Sounds bizarre, right? But a Canadian brand recently announced the introduction of a popsicle with ketchup flavour, leaving a bad aftertaste among internet users. Take a look:


French’s, a popular condiment brand in Canada is best known for its mustard sauce. They took to Twitter on June 20 to introduce their latest offering - a new ketchup popsicles. “Hey Canadian friends, your favourite condiment just got a whole lot cooler. A refreshingly savoury and sweet ketchup popsicle, made from 100% Canadian tomatoes," wrote the brand on Twitter. They also shared a recipe for the ‘Frenchsicle’ on their website, made with tomato juice, ketchup and cayenne pepper sauce.  

As per their website, the popsicles are a limited edition and are available across Canada only for a certain period during the summer season. Speaking about the idea, the brand stated that the flavour of ketchup was quite popular across the country, as per their survey which revealed that 79% of Canadians like or love ketchup. The survey also found out that if Canadians had to choose to try any dessert made with ketchup like cake, cookies or popsicles, 79% would choose none of the above.  

The survey result has definitely made us think why the brand even launched a product then? And netizens agree. Several Twitter users reacted to the bizarre ketchup popsicles. While some wanted to know why the brand created such a weird combination in the first place. “Incredible things are happening in Canada,” said one user while another wrote, “An offering from the ice cream truck in my personal hell.” Some users joked, "Finally I can throw tomatoes at bad performers and do some damage!" 

Take a look at some of the reactions to the video:


What’s your take on the bizarre ketchup popsicles? Would you dare try it out? Let us know.