Ketchup Flavoured KitKat By Heinz Leaves Internet Shocked
Image Credit: KitKat/Instagram

If you thought things couldn’t get more bizarre on the internet, then think again! For those who’ve seen social media full of the most odd and unusual food combinations, a recently shared prototype by KitKat showed the confection coated in dark red, ketchup flavoured chocolate. Termed as KitKat’Chup, the promo for the possible collaboration altered the famous tagline to ‘Have a break. Have a Heinz’ – indicating a possible collaboration between the two iconic brands. As netizens tried to wrap their head around the idea of this weird food, many even went to the lengths of combining the two by pouring ketchup over a bar of KitKat.

In addition to this, KitKat also shared a video of the company’s employees jumping in on the trend, leaving them with mixed reactions – some even declaring the combination as illegal. Despite the questionable nature of this combination, some food experts also suggested online that the saltiness from the ketchup was great to complement the sweet cacao – giving it a pleasant sweet-salty taste. Similarly, the tartness from the condiment was also a great match for the sugary treat doubling up with the crunchy texture of KitKat and the umami flavours from the ketchup.

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Scientifically speaking, since tomatoes are also derived from berries, some even suggest that the combination would work perfectly together. While there is no official announcement on whether the idea would be turned into reality, the capitalisation of the trend worked in grabbing eyeballs. Would you try Heinz ketchup over KitKat? Tell us what you think, in the comments.