Norovirus: What To Eat When You Have The Stomach Flu
Image Credit: Freepik, From soups to oats and khichdi, all that you can eat when you have stomach flu.

With the surge of Coronavirus cases in the country in 2020, healthcare became a pressing issue. At the forefront of this situation was the health scare associated with the adverse effects of the virus. Increasingly, peoples’ attention shifted towards eating healthy and staying fit. From immunity-boosting kadhas to detox juices and homemade dishes, everything gained prominence. It was highly advised to maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact so as to minimize the spread of the virus. The shift in focus on health, fitness and dietary habits has continued since the first wave. A lot of people inculcated habits of eating right and staying hydrated as well as planning an exercise regime. One  wave after another, novel symptoms came to the surface and more precautions were added to the list. 

While the Covid cases might have come to a halt in most parts of the country, there is a new virus that has made headlines recently. It is being called Norovirus and the first few cases have arisen in Kerala. Two children from the state-run government school have fallen sick due to a stomach infection. The alleged causes of this virus are consuming contaminated food or water and touching contaminated surfaces. Due to this reason, the Kerala government has issued guidelines regarding minimum physical contact and only eating clean home-cooked food. Proper rinsing of vegetables and fruits before use has also been recommended. 

With another virus in the circuit, it is best to take preventative measures before it is too late. However, if you have/ or are suffering from stomach flu, these are a few foods that you should be consuming. Avoiding greasy, oily, fried and hard to digest food is also very important. 

Foods To Eat During Stomach Flu 

1.  Moong Dal Khichdi 

Khichdi, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a one-pot rice dish that is commonly eaten for lunch and dinner. The long-grain rice is cooked together with moong dal and the yellow rice is served hot. The flavours of the dal get infused with the rice and lends it a fragrant aroma. Pair it with some plain curd and this will keep your stomach light and cool. 

2.  Clear Chicken Soup 

When you are at a loss of fluids in the body, you need to be careful of what you eat because your body needs the most amount of energy at this time. Made with chicken broth and very light on the stomach, this chicken soup is full of nutrition. Flavoured with garlic, bay leaves, thyme and carrots, this has the protein which will help you recover. 

3. Oats Porridge 

Easy on the stomach and keeps you full for longer, the oats porridge is a great addition to your diet during stomach flu. The rolled oats can be cooked in water or milk, depending upon what suits you better. Made in a jiffy with minimum ingredients, an oats porridge bowl can be eaten for breakfast as well as dinner. 

4.  Bananas On Toast 

Bananas are said to be really good for the stomach as they are starchy and easier to digest. They also prevent vomiting and nausea. Simply, toast your bread. Don’t apply any butter, cheese or the like. Top it with sliced bananas and eat it together. This will help fill your appetite really quickly. 

5.  Salted Potatoes 

Since starchy foods are recommended, potatoes can easily fit into your diet. Don’t load them with cheese or butter. Bake the potatoes with some salt and eat them as it is. They are definitely a good way to keep you satiated for longer.