Kerala-Style Squid Roast: A Tantalising Fusion Taste And Aroma
Image Credit: Kerala-Style Squid Roast

Some delicacies are so special that you only have to try it once to become a lifelong fan. Squid Roast is one such cuisine that would with every bite that goes into your mouth. Succulent squid rings with a wonderful aroma of spices and fresh curry leaves. This squid roast in Kerala style is a delightful seafood delicacy that you’ll!

The base of the dish is formed by a selection of freshly grounded and toasted spices fried in coconut oil. Squid rings are then cooked to perfection in this flavourful base with curry leaves. This is cuisine at its best.

Most of the world serves some version of fried or roasted squid. It is commonly referred to as calamari and is a favourite dish in both Italy and Greece. But Kerala’s version is quite different. That’s because people of Kerala always have a secret spice masala up their sleeves. This spice blend has often been passed down through the generations. But that’s not all that sets this Squid Roast apart. The other key factor is the final touch. For frying their squid, the people of Kerala use coconut oil, a staple of Keralan cuisine, to form the base.  And the results are mouth-watering that sets apart Squid roast from its culinary kins from elsewhere in the world.

This amazing squid dish has a taste that almost everyone will adore. When it comes to making this dish, slow cooking is the thumb rule. Coming to squid, it is the choice of the people who prioritise health along with taste. 

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For individuals looking to provide their body with the nutrients it needs, the spiciness of the squid roast is excellent. Squid is a great protein source that really aids in weight loss. Additionally, it provides calcium, zinc, phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and other vitamins and minerals. Overall, the spicy squid roast is a tasty addition to your diet as well as a nutritious one.

Here’s the recipe for Kerala Squid Roast.


    1 kg squid 

    2 onion lobes 

    3 green chilies 

    2 tomatoes 

    3 sprigs curry leaves 

    1 ginger 

    7-8 garlic cloves 

    2 garcinia cambogia 

    1½ tsp red chilli powder 

    1 tbsp coriander powder 

    1 tbsp garam masala 

    1 tbsp turmeric powder 

    1 tsp cumin seed 

    1 tsp mustard seed 

    1-2 teaspoon salt


    Clean and wash the squid. Set it aside after cutting it into small pieces. 

    Add cumin and mustard seeds to the hot oil in the pan until they start to splutter. 

    Stir in the minced ginger and garlic. 

    Stir for 3 to 4 minutes after adding chopped onion, green chilli, salt, and curry leaves. 

    The ingredients then turn a pale golden brown. Add the garam masala, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, and stir for a few minutes. 

    Add the chopped tomatoes and mix until they are well-combined and smooth. 

    Squid that has been cleaned should be added. 

    Mix thoroughly, then simmer under cover until done. 

    When it's finished, open the lid and thoroughly combine them. 

    Take out of the fire and place aside.

    Serve and enjoy the squid roast recipe.