Kerala-Style Chakka Ada & Puttu Recipes Celebrate Ripe Jackfruit
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Every year around the months of May and June, ripe jackfruits flood the markets in Kerala. The perfect timing for the sweetest ripe jackfruit, however, coincides with the coming of monsoon. This is, therefore, the perfect time to celebrate the fruit as well as traditional recipes that sing with its flavours. Kerala is, of course, known for not just jackfruit but also two more ingredients that combine perfectly well with the flavours of ripe jackfruit. 

We are talking here about coconut and rice flour. The trio of ripe jackfruit-rice flour-coconut is perfectly represented by two particular recipes from Kerala cuisine. Chakka Ada, also known as Chakka Appam, is a steamed dish that utilizes either banana leaves or bay leaves for the wrapping. The batter for this steamed dish is of course made with ripe jackfruit-rice flour-coconut with the addition of jaggery and cardamom. This one is eaten as a teatime snack with filter coffee and tea. 

On the other end of the spectrum is Chakka Puttu, which is a ripe jackfruit version of the breakfast staple dish called Puttu. Made with ripe jackfruit-rice flour-coconut mixed together with water, Chakka Puttu is also a steamed dish and makes for a filling and slightly mellow-flavoured treat. Now, if you are wondering how to indulge in the flavours of these amazing dishes from Kerala, then all you need to do is get that trio of ripe jackfruit-rice flour-coconut and check out the recipes given below. 

Video credit: YouTube/Village Cooking - Kerala

Chakka Ada/Appam 


2 cups ripe jackfruit, fine chopped or mashed 

2 cups rice flour 

1 cup jaggery 

1 cup coconut, grated 

¼ tsp cardamom powder 

¼ tsp cumin powder 

½ cup water 

8 banana leaves 


1. Heat the jaggery with water in a heavy-bottomed pan. 

2. Once the jaggery melts, mix it with the water and bring it to a boil. 

3. The impurities will float on top in the form of foam, so use a spoon to get this out. 

4. Once the jaggery mix is of honey-like consistency, add the ripe jackfruit. 

5. Mix well, cook for a minute then set aside to cool down. 

6. Once cool, blend the jaggery-jackfruit mixture into a smooth paste. 

7. Now, place the rice flour in a mixing bowl. 

8. Add the grated coconut, cardamom powder, cumin powder and mix well. 

9. Pour in the jaggery-jackfruit paste and mix well. 

10. If the dough is too thick, add a bit of water to thin it out. 

11. Now, clean the banana leaves with water, pat dry and cut in half if they are too large. 

12. Take one banana leaf on a flat surface. 

13. Add 3 tablespoons of the Chakka Ada batter and apply at the very centre. 

14. Fold the banana leaf and press gently. 

15. Steam the Chakka Ada for 10 minutes. 

16. Serve warm with coffee or tea. 

Chakka Puttu 


1 cup ripe jackfruit, chopped 

1 cup puttu podi or roasted rice flour 

3 tbsp coconut, grated 

Salt, to taste 

½ cup water 


1. Place the chopped jackfruit in a bowl. 

2. Add the coconut and mix well. 

3. In a separate bowl, mix together the puttu podi and water. 

4. Add salt and mix well. 

5. Now, place the puttu podi mix into a puttu mould. 

6. Top with the coconut and jackfruit mix. 

7. Place the filled puttu moulds in a pressure cooker or steamer. 

8. Cook the Chakka Puttu until done then let them cool down. 

9. Remove the Chakka Puttu from the mould and serve hot.