Keerai Thoran: A Healthy Way To Add Amaranth To Your Diet

The history and culture of the state have a big impact on Kerala's staple meal. It combines vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the latter of which includes a variety of foods like fish, chicken, and red meat. The most frequent ingredients in practically all of Kerala's well-known dishes are rice, seafood, and coconut. Black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, asafoetida, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric are used to enhance the flavours. 

The state's modern cuisine contains non-vegetarian foods even though Keralan cuisine is traditionally vegetarian, notably the Kerala Sadya served during celebrations and festivals. Because most Keralan foods are made by combining grated coconut with other ingredients, one may also be able to detect the taste of coconut in them. 

One of the staple, Keerai Thoran is a stir-fry made with Keerai (Spinach) and spiced coconut masala powder. Traditional Thoran (Thuvaran) does not include onion or garlic, although you can if you choose to improve the flavour. Typically, this is offered as a side dish with rice and rasam or kuzhambu. A particularly healthy green is keerai. At least thrice a week of Keerai (Spinach) consumption is normally advised. Keerai can be prepared in a variety of ways, with Keerai Thoran being one of them. 

Here is how you can make one for you 


250 grams Amaranth leaves (Thandu Keerai) you can use any type of keerai  

1 pinch turmeric powder 

½ tsp Salt adjust to your taste 

For Grinding  

1 Red Chili 

3 tbsp Grated Coconut 

1 tsp Cumin Seeds 

For Tempering 

1 tsp Cooking Oil 

1 nos Red Chili 

1 tsp Mustard seeds 

1 tsp Split Urad Dal 

Method: The spinach should be well cleaned and chopped. To prevent extra water, strain in a strainer. Without adding any water, blend the grated coconut, cumin seeds, and red chilli in a blender. Next in a heated pan, add the oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds begin to crackle, add the urd dal. Fry the urd dal until it is golden brown. Add the spinach that has been drained, the red chilli, and salt. Cook until the spinach is tender. Then, combine the keerai with the ground, grated coconut. After one minute, remove from heat and continue to stir-fry. It's time to serve the delectable Keerai Poriyal (Spinach Poriyal) or Keerai Thuvaran. 

One of the healthiest foods, Keerai (Spinach), is inexpensive and readily available. In addition to having a 40% potassium content, spinach is a great provider of vitamins C and A, iron, and potassium. In the body, it leaves alkaline ash. The lymphatic, urinary, and digestive systems are all benefited by spinach. Spinach is great for weight loss regimens since it has a laxative impact. Although it has a lot of calcium, it also possesses oxalic acid. The body is unable to absorb the molecule created when this acid and calcium interact. Because of this, calcium in spinach is regarded as an unusable nutrient.