Indian sweets often have a bad reputation of being too rich, heavy and loaded with ghee. Most of the barfi or the laddu are known to add those extra inches and may not add to the nutrition content. But shifting a little from the mainstream and indulging in some Oats, Jaggery, Dry Fruits laden Laddu is no harm. Oats laddu mized with dates and some peanut butter along with dry fruits and chai makes for a wholesome delight and is absolute healthy when it comes to thinking of calories.

These quick, easy, guilt free snack which power packed with goodness essential nutrients and being fiber-rich and makes a perfect snack for a pre-workout or post-workout meal or simply to satiate sweet cravings.

Ingredients (10 Laddus)

  1. 1 Cup rolled oats (gluten-free oats are another choice to make)
  2. 1 Cup chopped walnuts
  3. 10-12 dates
  4. ¼ chia seeds
  5. ¼ Cup chopped cashew
  6. ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder or cardamom powder
  7. A pinch of salt
  8. 2 tpsp Peanut butter
  9. ¼ Cup jaggery


  • Firstly deseed all the dates and soak them in water for good 20 mins (if you want to keep it for shorter time then add lukewarm water)
  • After 20 mins take them in a mixer jar and make a paste
  • Take all nuts and chops them finely and slightly dry roast them and keep aside. Be carefully while roasting as nuts have different roasting time.
  • Dry roast oats in a pan on medium heat till it gets golden brown color.
  • Let both oats and nuts cool down at room temperature.
  • Take the oats in grinding jar and pulse till turns semi fine
  • Take out the oats and mix the with the dry fruits and keep aside. 
  • Later in a bowl add the dates pulp, peanut butter, chia seeds and mix the. The Dates and peanut butter will help in binding laddus so no need to add ghee.
  • Now carefully take small portions of this mixture and make ball shape using your palms.
  • Hola! Guilt free binging laddu are ready. Store these laddus in an airtight container and they will remain fresh for at least a week. Since it’s winter no need to refrigerate.
  • Also, don’t forget dry fruits like hazelnuts, pecan, dried cranberries and more can also be added.