Kashi Halwa: An Udupi Comforting Winter Meal We Swear By

With the onset of winters, our minds are directly transported to the delicious dishes we’ll get to relish. The season brings with it an assortment of nutritious and delicious local produce to indulge in and no matter how much we try, we just can’t get enough of the winter delicacies. On today’s culinary journey, we are going to Udupi to explore some delicious winter delicacies. 

When we say Udupi, we know you are directly transported to the world of crispy and delicious masala dosas along with a fragrant bowl of sambar and coconut chutney. But like every other regional cuisine of India, Udupi cuisine is a storehouse of a vast array of delicious dishes of all flavour profiles. From lip-smacking savoury dishes to irresistible tangy and sweet dishes, you can’t just get enough of everything in Udupi. One such flavourful culinary marvel that Udupi has in store is Kashi Halwa.

Usually prepared as an alternative to Kesari Baath on festive days, Kashi Halwa is filled with the goodness of ash gourd, ghee and dry fruits. With irresistibly delicious flavours, a melt-in-mouth texture and an appetizing aroma, Kashi Halwa is a perfect dessert to add to your winter dessert menu.

Making the halwa is easy, laborsaving and quick as well. First, ash gourd is added to a kadhai and cooked till all the excess water is released. Next, sugar is added to the cooked ash gourd along with cardamom powder and a pinch of saffron. The halwa is then amped up with oodles of ghee and finished with a garnish of blanched and fried dry fruits and nuts. The soft, tender and flavourful halwa is perfect to warm you up during winters. You can store the halwa for up to 2-3 days in the fridge and savour later.

Now that you know the delicious halwa that Udupi has in store to offer, nothing in this world should stop you from relishing it this winter. Try it out and let us know how you like it.