Karwa Chauth: The Food And Beverages Guide To Break The Fast
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In India, Hindu married women celebrate Karwa Chauth by fasting without food or water from dawn till dusk. They believe it ensures their husbands' health and longevity. Fasting does a lot of good to the body. However, one must be careful with food and drink choices after breaking or opening Karwa Chauth fast and the following day. Adhering to a few rules post breaking the fasting and the next day is essential to consistently enjoy this celebration. It will avoid any adverse consequences resulting from a lack of food or drink.

Water rule

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After a fast, it's vital to stay hydrated. But do not chug the water all at once. Instead of downing it in one go, take little sips. Otherwise, it could result in a severe acid attack.  After a fast, coconut water is the best beverage to drink. Due to the salt and potassium, it contains, this electrolyte-rich beverage increases energy levels post-fasting. To get the maximum benefit, have 1/2 glass of coconut water before the fast-breaking meal. It will help you stay hydrated and avoid feeling lightheaded. 

Detox drink

Cucumber, lemon and mint infused water, Image Source: Pexels

Rehydrate yourself by drinking detox water. To prepare a simple one, add one sliced lemon, one sliced cucumber, and a few mint leaves in two litres of drinking water. Let them soak for three hours. This water for detoxification has two advantages. It washes out any toxins created on the day of fasting in addition to providing your body with the necessary amount of hydration. Likewise, drink digestive tea after dinner to promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating.


Dahi, Image Source: Pexels

To give the body extra potassium, calcium, proteins, and vitamin B, dahi or curd is essential. It enables our bodies to absorb all the nutrients after a day of fasting by introducing healthy bacteria. By preserving the acidity and alkalinity of the digestive process, yoghurt also helps to maintain the pH equilibrium.

Vegetables and fruits high in water

Watermelon slice, Image Source: Pexels

Many health experts suggest that sauteed green veggies might be healthy to eat after a fast. The leafy green is renowned for having a high concentration of fibre, minerals, and essential vitamins and antioxidants. Include water-rich fresh leafy vegetables like spinach. Have a mixed bowl of fruits, including melons like watermelon and musk melon. In addition, cucumber mint juice is suggested. Don't eat citrus fruits.