Kartik Aaryan Celebrates His Birthday With Two Cakes
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

It’s Kartik Aaryan’s birthday today, and he seems to be keeping the celebrations an intimate affair. The Bollywood actor took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of how his family surprised him at midnight with two beautiful cakes in a room full of silver balloons and a sweet birthday banner on the wall behind, which read, “We love you, Koki”. 

Kartik penned a sweet note, which read, “In every birth, I would like to be born as your Koki. Thank you for the sweet birthday surprise mummy, papa, Katori and Kiki”. Katori is Kartik’s dog, who can be seen sitting right beside him in one of the pictures, while Kiki is what he lovingly calls his sister. Take a look: 

The two cakes surely looked every bit decadent. While one was a chocolate cake with chocolate sauce dripping all over and topped with chocolate truffles, the other one was a pink cake. The table was adorned by white lilies just beside the cakes, and we are loving the cosy birthday celebration.  

Kartik might be known for his performance in his movies, but what you may not know is that he is an ardent food lover, who simply cannot resist the sight of desi food. Kartik drools over home-cooked meals as much as he enjoys eating out. Some of his favourite foods include Delhi’s famous Chole Bhature and Maharashtrian street food Pav Bhaji. 

If you follow him on social media, you would also get a glimpse of how he loves to try street food. In fact, Kartik has often been spotted at a Chinese van in Juhu, Mumbai, where he enjoys eating street-style desi-Chinese food late at night with his friends.