Karisma Kapoor’s Sunday Lunch Includes Fries, Mac ‘N’ Cheese & More

True to her Kapoor genes, Karisma Kapoor knows how to enjoy a family-style meal that is nothing short of indulgent. Swearing by the power of Sunday brunches to make the most of her favourite calorie-dense delights, the actress went over to her cousin Armaan Jain’s home for lunch. Reposting an image of the table that was loaded with food, Karisma indicated how delicious the food was with a ‘yummy’ emoji. On the menu was a dish of baked macaroni and cheese – brown crust and all, French fries, chicken tenders, steamed rice to eat with a coconut milk based fish curry and a fresh salad.

No matter what the occasion, members of the Kapoor family have always been self-confessed foodies. Although known to love their meaty delights of paya soup, mutton biryani and akuri, they make it a point to balance it with healthy vegetarian meals. Following suit, even Karisma is known for being extremely dedicated to her fitness routines and diet – making sure to burn the extra calories during cheat days. Having a fair balance of carbs and protein in her daily diet, the actress is not partial when it comes to rice, potatoes or bread, while also consuming chicken or fish to make it a complete meal.

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Believing in the ‘moderation is key’ philosophy, both Karisma and Kareena have been known to subscribe to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s diet plan – which includes whole foods, seasonal produce and lots of liquids. Karisma’s love for biryani is also well-known, as is her love for exploring local eateries during her picturesque vacations, from time to time.