Karisma Kapoor's 'Simple Pleasures' Are Super Chocolatey
Image Credit: Image: Instagarm/Shutterstock

It looks like chocolate is a clear winner when it comes to people’s weaknesses. No matter how old you are or what time of the day it is, everybody loves to have a bite of chocolate. Be it simple bars or delicacies like cakes, brownies, cookies, and pancakes - chocolate can be enjoyed in different shapes and forms. No matter how strict they might be with their diet and fitness regime, even Bollywood celebrities seem to give in every now and then when it comes to chocolate. 

Karisma Kapoor, it turns out, is no different. She is a foodie, who keeps sharing pictures of delicious treats on Instagram quite often. That is how we know she can’t do without her coffee, and has a sweet tooth too. In her latest post, Karisma shared a picture of a decadent chocolate dessert that she enjoyed recently, and it was enough to get us drooling. Take a look at the click shared by Karisma on Instagram: 

In the pictures, we could see a half-eaten chocolate cake that was layered with chocolate buttercream. It looked like the actor had found joy in the decadent dessert. "Simple pleasures", she wrote in the caption. 

This is not her only foodie indulgence that we have seen. A few days ago, Karisma was spotted with a wholesome feast, as part of pre-Diwali celebrations. With a spread of multiple delicious sabzis, curries, breads, and a dessert on the table, Karisma was seen "getting into the Diwali spirit". Read more about it here

As for chocolates, we knew Karisma had a penchant for it a few months back too. We saw her brightening up her morning with a fluffy and soft chocolate muffin. "Mornings like these" she captioned the picture. What are your thoughts on Karisma's sinful food diaries? Let us know.