Karisma Kapoor's Mid-Week Indulgence: A Burger And Biryani Feast
Image Credit: Instagram/Shutterstock

At the beginning of the week, we often prioritise healthy and nourishing food choices. However, as the days progress, we gradually unwind and allow ourselves to indulge in the cravings we truly desire. This pattern is no exception for actress Karisma Kapoor, who recently provided a delightful glimpse into her mid-week food binge.

Despite her busy schedule, the diva took time out to visit her friends on the set of the film 'The Crew,' a project supported by Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor and featuring actors such as Kriti Sanon, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Diljit Dosanjh in leading roles.

During her visit to the film set, Karisma was treated to an array of delectable food, which added to her delightful mid-week indulgence. Let's take a moment to explore the snippets she shared, offering us a glimpse into her mouth-watering experience. As Karisma shared her first picture, it revealed a sight that was hard to resist.

A half-eaten burger took centre stage, accompanied by a tempting side of crispy masala fries. The burger boasted a tantalising combination of a crispy patty and generous layers of cheese, promising a delightful burst of flavours with every bite. "Perks of visiting the set of #TheCrew: you get homemade burgers made by Rhea Kapoor," she wrote in the caption.

Karisma further enhanced her post by adding a 'Yum' sticker, which clearly conveyed her immense satisfaction and enjoyment of the meal. It was evident that the scrumptious feast, courtesy of her friend Rhea, left Karisma thoroughly delighted and content. "Love you lolo! Catch-up is pending," Rhea wrote back in her story. 

Beyond burgers and fries, Karisma Kapoor's culinary desires extended to another beloved dish: biryani. The actress has consistently displayed her deep affection for this flavorful delicacy, never hesitating to express her adoration. Once again, her taste buds were treated to a delectable feast, courtesy of Tabu.

The biryani was so enticing that Karisma Kapoor couldn't resist taking some of it back home, relishing the opportunity to savour its rich and aromatic flavours even after leaving the set. "Tabu, I have taken this home with me," wrote Karisma Kapoor in the story. Take a look:

Looking at the biryani, even we wouldn’t be able to resist packing it for home! It seems like Karisma had a delightful meal back home too. Which one of Karisma’s feasts is your pick? Let us know.