Karisma Kapoor's "Girl Power" Breakfast Spread Is Pure Delight
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Karisma Kapoor is one celebrity who makes it all look easy. Being an actor and mother of two, she is at her fittest at the age of 48—can you believe that? Well, we can't, especially considering how she keeps indulging in guilt-ridden foods! We can never fathom how glowing she is and how she manages to stay so fit despite all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner spreads she keeps on indulging in! However, we love all that she puts on her platter every time she shares snippets of her gluttonous goodness. Always the one to pick some of the best dishes to satisfy her cravings, Karisma is quite a foodie, and we have seen her gorging on pizza and desserts like no one else. While a week ago she was seen enjoying a lavish Sunday lunch with family comprised of yummy Asian fare, her latest update is a mid-week motivation to have a wholesome breakfast.

Lolo, as she is fondly called, shared a picture on her Instagram Stories that included her breakfast platter, and it was a drool-worthy affair. The "special breakfast" spread was laid out on a large low-rise table or mattress to enjoy while sitting on the floor. The meal for two comprised two croissants, two glasses of juice, a plateful of split-boiled eggs paired with four toasted breads, and a serving of freshly cut fruits, including papaya, orange, and melon. The fruits are not the only thing that added health to the meal; there was also a small bowl of peeled almonds along with the rest of the dishes. A cup of tea with sugar and milk on the side made it a complete spread. Sounds like one wholesome meal, doesn’t it? Take a look at what she shared:

"Special breakfast,’ Karisma wrote on the picture along with a sticker that said ‘Girl Power’ and tagged a friend. And we agree with her. After all, a breakfast spread like this strikes the perfect balance between tasty and healthy. You can't blame us if we are craving a meal like this. And if you too are craving some croissants just like us, we’ve got you a great recipe for them right here.