Karisma Kapoor’s Flaming Dessert Looks Fancy And Delicious
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, She was having a Baked Alaska Flambé for dessert.

While there is always room for dessert, for Karisma Kapoor, there is room for a fiery dessert too. The actress is currently on a long vacation in UK with her family, including her sister Kareena Kapoor and her husband and kids. On several occasions, the two Kapoor sisters have shared their indulgent treats from the vacation. This time, it was Karisma who grabbed eyeballs as she was having this fancy dessert that was set on fire. 

Sharing a short video on her Instagram stories, the 48-year-old actress captured the making of a delicious dessert. The highlight was when a flame was tossed in a brass pot and then fired all over the dessert. On the plate was kept a layer of what looked like soft bread, covered in a thick layer of fluffy meringue. Due to the use of the flame, the toasted meringue has brown spots all over and it looked absolutely delish. Going the looks of the dessert and the technique, we’re guessing that it is a Baked Alaska Flambé. 

Baked Alaska Flambé 

Did you know that the Baked Alaska was called so because of the ingredients with which it was made? Interestingly, its predecessor was a French dish called the Omelette Norwege and was dedicated to the temperatures of Norway. Gradually, the French dish transformed into a dessert that captured the essence of cold ice cream and toasted meringue on a single plate. This came to be known as Baked Alaska as it reflected the hot and cold contrasts of weather in the region. 

Traditionally, the Baked Alaska is a combination of walnut spice cake, covered with banana ice cream and a meringue. What makes it a flambé is the flaming technique that is used to torch the golden-brown effect on the meringue. This not only lends it a distinct appearance but also delicious taste. Seems like Karisma is making the most of her vacation by indulging in fancy dishes like this Baked Alaska Flambé.