Desserts Are All About A Slice Of The Good Life
Image Credit: Bitter Chocolate Orange Pave – The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru

Good food = good mood and when that is a wholesome selection that takes you on a sensory journey, it’s called the Aujasya menu and the all-day diner Quattro at The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru presents the wellness menu 'Aujasya' for that guilt free indulgence.

Chef Nayindra, Executive Sous Chef, The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru says This Bitter Chocolate Orange Pave is not just about being health conscious, I think it's very rich in cocoa and provides a complete balance of nutrition, taste and flavour. This dessert is very creamy and is sure to melt away your sweet tooth desire”

Bitter Chocolate Orange Pave

For Gluten free sponge


    Egg white – 385 gms

    Stevia sugar – 30 gms

    Egg yolk – 215 gms

    Callebaut cocoa powder – 100 gms



    Beat the egg whites, add stevia and yolk one by one and fold it         

    Once combined well, fold the cocoa powder            

    Spread in a tray with silicon mat and spread in a 1mm thickness and bake it at 180 c for 8 minutes            

For the whipped ganache    


    700 gms dark chocolate 70% - 

    200 gms elle & vire cream – 

    3 gms orange zest – 3 GM


    Boil the cream first and then add dark chocolate and orange zest. Cover this with foil and let it infuse for 30 minutes    

    Then put the mixture in a litre jar and blend with stick blender with cold cream for about 3 minutes        

    Transfer it in a container and let it set for a day            

    Beat with paddle attachment and pour in as desired and finish with gluten free sponge.             

For the Passion Fruit Balm     


    Passion fruit puree – 280 GM

    Stevia sugar – 10 GM

    Agar-agar - 5 GM


    Put Passion puree in a pot. Once it’s warm, mix the sugar and agar-agar and then add it to the liquid.            

    Bring to a boil and cook for 30 seconds. Allow it to cool down completely in the fridge.            

    Once it’s set, blend it in a mixture to a gel-like texture            

To Plate

    Splash chocolate sauce on plate

    Place the whipped ganache with Gluten free sponge base

    Garnish with passion balm & orange segments

Chef Gurpreet, Senior Sous Chef, The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru says “Ragi Payasam is a delicious Indian dessert made with ragi, milk, nuts and flavored with cardamom. Ragi Payasam is a soft and creamy dessert, flavourful in taste and infused with cardamom flavor that is a delight to the palate.

Ragi Payasam


    50 gm - Ragi paste

    50 gm - Ragi broken

    100 ml - Coconut milk

    100 ml - Low fat milk

    150 gm – Jaggery

    25 Gms – Pista

    25 Gms - Chironji


    Add Ragi paste and sauté for 3-5 mins in low flame. Now add milk.

    Add 1/2 cup water, whisk well to avoid lumps. Boil in low flame and stir continuously

    Cook until it becomes thick and creamy in consistency. It will be slightly shiny and this shows the flour is cooked completely

    Now add Jaggery along with coconut milk. Whisk well. Add Jaggery only after the flour is cooked completely.

    Add pista and rosted chironji to the payasam and serve.