Karisma Kapoor’s Decadent ‘Sunday Delight’ Is Pure Bliss
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actor has a sweet tooth.

Even at 48, Karisma has a young glow that is hard to miss. While a healthy diet and workout definitely contribute to her ageless looks, foodies like her are the happiest and glowing the most when they are having their favourite foods. The weekend was all about relaxing and satiating the sweet tooth for Karisma.

The actor was seen enjoying her lazy Sunday with a hot cup of coffee, while soaking in the winter sun. Karisma Kapoor was having a gala time as  she wrote “coffee” and “#lololoves”, giving us a sneak-peek of her balcony. Next up, we saw her ultimate Sunday indulgence, as she devoured two slices of a decadent chocolate cake. The cake was covered in chocolate ganache and had slices of strawberries topped on it.

The combination of chocolate and strawberries looked very temptingm and Karisma thanked her friend Radhika for this “Sunday delight”. However, this isn’t the first time that we’ve spotted the actor indulging in sweetmeats. Earlier too, she was seen digging into a plate of French toast , drizzled with honey and chopped apples. Even on her London vacation, Karisma and her sibling, Kareena Kapoor, were giving us breakfast goals as the former had her favourite French toast while the latter paired coffee with croissant.

In fact, her chocolate fantasies are quite evident on her Instagram stories as she shared a picture of another half-eaten chocolate cake a while back. Layered with butter cream, she was completely drooling over what she called “simple pleasures” of her life. Looks like the actor finds joy in small things like a good piece of chocolate cake.