Karisma Kapoor's Croissant Indulgence Is Too Delicious To Miss
Image Credit: Image credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram

Actress Karisma Kapoor currently seems to be going down a delectable lane of pastry delights! In a recent Instagram story, the actor posted a picture of a round pastry stand full of croissants and rolls baked to perfection in buttery goodness. She appears to be dining in a restaurant with tables laid out for a leisurely breakfast.

Karisma is known to always be up for gastronomic adventures, and this morning, her Instagram story highlighted the delicious, flaky French pastry. Describing her absolute love for croissants, the actor, also affectionately called Lolo, wrote, 'Croissants #lololoves.' And if that's not enough, she unabashedly added, 'Yes, I ate 2!' sharing her penchant for sweet treats with her fans. 

The actor, known for her stunning roles in films like Zubeidaa and Lajja, has always been known for sharing updates about all the foodie delights she enjoys. During the holiday season, she posted about the Christmas delicacies she enjoyed with the entire Kapoor family, including roast turkey, chocolate tarts, and the unmissable Christmas pudding! A few days before that, she was also spotted enjoying chocolate ice cream during a movie! In the recent Instagram story, the croissants devoured by the actor appear lathered in a raspberry dressing, a rather inviting prospect. 

Croissants, which originated in Vienna, were brought to France in the 17th century and popularised by French bakers who mastered the art of baking this flaky, layered pastry, kneading every new layer with generous amounts of butter. Today, the croissant can be enjoyed with strawberry jam, ham, and cheese, or simply with a generous dollop of butter. Tell us about your favourite type of croissant in the comment section below.