Karisma And Kareena Kapoor Are Setting Breakfast Goals
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and we have heard health experts stressing it time and again. After all, a hearty and nutritious breakfast can keep us fueled for the rest of the day, while also stocking our body with essential nutrients. But more often than not, we simply want to let go of the healthy, nutritious bit, and simply wish to start the day on a delicious note and eat all our favourite treats - be it muffins, waffles, pancakes, or croissants. Isn’t that true? And it seems like Bollywood’s Kapoor sisters - Karisma and Kareena - also love to indulge in a hearty breakfast every morning.

At least, their latest Instagram Stories tell us that. The actors are in London for a vacation along with their families and close friends, and they have been sharing snippets from the trip on their respective social media handles. On Sunday morning, the sisters headed for a lavish breakfast at an eatery in London, and shared a glimpse of what was on their plate, on Instagram. 

Kareena’s plate was packed with two croissants, with some butter on the side and a cup of tea. “Good morning,” she wrote. And just in case you are wondering whether both croissants would be eaten by her, she clarified saying, “I will eat both!” 

On the other hand, Karisma’s breakfast indulgence included a plate of delightful French toast drizzled with syrup and served with fresh raspberries on the side.  “Sunday morning,” wrote Karisma in the story with a smiley emoji. Take a look at both stories: 

Well, both the meals look absolutely delicious, and we are already confused about what could be more delicious. Kareena’s love for croissants is not a secret. On New Year’s Eve, the actor broke her new year resolution to eat healthy with a croissant, and posted a picture of the same on Instagram as well. “It was supposed to be an eat healthy first Monday of the year and blah blah but...it’s a croissant so just go for it,” she wrote in the caption. Take a look: 

Later on the same day, Karisma too joined Kareena in indulging in some decadent strawberries and cream. “Continuing the healthy Monday,” she wrote in her post. The Kapoor sisters are setting some serious foodie goals together, and we can’t wait to see what more they have to indulge while on the vacation.