Karishma Tanna Makes Thandai At Home For Holi; Try The Easy Recipe
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Karishma Tanna had a Holi blast with thandai and more.

The festival of colours might be over but does that mean that the festivities need to stop too? Absolutely not. Your fridge might be stacked up with loads of gujiyas, malpuas and what not. It is time to gorge on them at peace during the weekend. While you are at it, how about some thandai too? Thandai, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a frothy drink that is specially prepared on Holi. The milk-based drink is served chilled on the day of the festival along with bhang ke pakore, chaat papdi, kachoris and more. Some may confuse thandai with bhang but it is definitely not the same. The former is made from fennel seeds, rose water and other ingredients whereas the core of bhang is marijuana leaves which make it an intoxicated drink. 

This Holi, the newly-wed Karishma Tanna was seen celebrating Holi with her beau and his friends and family. Since the first Holi after marriage is considered to be a special one in most Indian cultures, Karishma Tanna decided to add a flavour of thandai to her day. She took to her Instagram handle to share a reel of her homemade thandai. Wondering what it looks like? Here, take a look. 

Source: Karishma Tanna/Instagram 

She shared a recipe of the thandai preparation in the video. Beginning with the nuts, she adds soaked and peeled almonds to a grinder. Then she adds whole cashews and pistachios to the jar. This is followed by some chopped nuts and a powdered masala. She grinds of all this together. In another utensil, she is seen flavouring the milk with some saffron strands (kesar). Then she adds the blended and powdered nuts to the milk base and pours in two glass. With a garnish of rose petals and some saffron strands, the chilled thandai is ready to devoured. 

Now that she has managed to tempt us for thandai, we won’t let you go away without some more thandai recipes. 

1.  Mango Thandai 

Not only is thandai a great drink for Holi, since summers are also about to commence, you can relish it throughout the season too. Mango-flavoured thandais are a delicious concoction with a fruity flavour and a milky base. 

2.  Rose Thandai 

Since Holi is the time of spring season and blooming flowers, what better way to welcome the season than with a rose-flavoured drink. This rose thandai is made from poppy seeds, elaichi, rose petals and rose essence. 

3.  Thandai Smoothie 

A creamy, frothy and thick drink that keeps you cool and energized, this thandai smoothie is a total game-changer. Filled with thandai syrup, fresh curd, milk and vanilla ice cream, you are surely going to love it.