Kamikaze Cocktail: All About The History Of The Japanese Drink
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The Kamikaze cocktail has a storied past shrouded in intrigue. Some say this potent cocktail was invented by a quick-thinking bartender to impress American soldiers in post-war Japan. Others claim its origins trace back to the banzai charges of Japanese pilots during World War II.  

Whichever tale you believe, one thing's for certain - this drink packs a punch! With vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, the Kamikaze is bold, brazen, and not for the faint of heart. It'll sneak up on you like a Zero fighter plane and leave you feeling dazed and confused. But it's one-two combo of tart citrus and smooth liquor has made the Kamikaze a favourite among thrill-seeking drinkers. Its name evokes the daring spirit of samurai warriors. So next time you're looking to get wrecked on a wild night out, be brave and go for a Kamikaze. Just be warned - you might need to call in the reinforcements the morning after! 

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History of Kamikaze 

Theory 1

The history behind this iconic cocktail is as colourful as the drink itself. Born in an American naval base in Japan during World War II, the Kamikaze shot was christened by soldiers after the Japanese kamikaze pilots. These pilots flew suicide missions, crashing their planes into Allied ships in explosive attacks. Though created amidst the turmoil of war, the Kamikaze didn't gain widespread popularity until the 1970s. Its beginnings may be solemn, but this potent combination of vodka, triple sec, and lime juice has become a lively libation enjoyed across the world. The Kamikaze's origins lie not in glorifying conflict, but in the universal human experiences of courage, camaraderie, and a need for release in trying times. Its legacy lives on in the many variations created by ingenious bartenders, each one a tribute to the human spirit. 

Theory 2

Others believe it emerged from the disco scene of the 1970s, when revelers sought a bold new flavour.  

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Theory 3 

According to cocktail lore, the Kamikaze cocktail has an origin story as colourful as the drink itself. Back in 1972, a New York bartender named Tony Lauriano was slinging drinks at Les Pyrenees restaurant. One fateful night, Lauriano decided to mix vodka, triple sec, and lime juice together. The tangy, tart concoction reminded him of the smash Broadway hit Jesus Christ Superstar, so he dubbed his new creation the "Jesus Christ Superstar." But patrons found the name a little bizarre, so eventually it was rechristened the "Kamikaze" - implying that sucking one down might just cause you to nosedive into blissful oblivion. So, the next time you order a Kamikaze, remember you're not just downing a drink - you're sipping a piece of cocktail history that'll have you buzzing like a WWII fighter plane! 

Theory 4 

The Kamikaze cocktail has a fascinating history behind its deceptively simple blend. As recounted in a 1979 Ski Magazine article, this bold concoction traces its roots back to the sunny shores of 1970s Florida. Though unnamed at the time, it quickly migrated north and took New York by storm with its bracing flavour profile. The moniker "Kamikaze" was bestowed for good reason - just three ingredients pack a mighty punch. Vodka, triple sec, and lime blend together in a sweet-tart harmony. The tart squeeze of lime tempers the syrupy triple sec, while the vodka provides a smooth yet assertive backbone. Essentially a Margarita with a vodka twist, the Kamikaze became an instant sensation. Its popularity was so explosive that it even inspired a cranberry variation known as the Cosmopolitan.  

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Most Used Kamikaze Recipe 

Transform an ordinary night into an extraordinary cocktail adventure. Simply mix vodka, triple sec, and lime juice in a shaker, then shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime slice for a burst of citrus. This easy yet elegant drink will have you feeling like a mixologist in no time. 

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Kamikaze Recipe As Recorded By Peter Miller 

Mix up an invigorating Kamikaze cocktail with 45ml of icy vodka, a zesty squeeze of lime, and a hint of orange liqueur. Chill the glassware too for an extra refreshing sip. This bright, citrusy drink makes a perfect palate-awakening starter for brunch or a lively gathering. Just be sure to use quality spirits and enjoy yourself responsibly!