Kalki Koechlin’s Daughter Is A ‘Mango Girl’; 5 Ways To Pick A Good Mango
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Freepik

If you ask me the best part about the summer season, without any second thoughts I’ll say it is the array of fresh fruits that adorn this season. From melons and litchis to berries, the summer season is all about indulging in fresh fruits. And one of the most popular fruits of the season is undoubtedly the ‘king of fruits’ - mango! Not only do we love to eat it every day, but we also love making the most of it – say in the form of shakes, smoothies, curries, rice, salads and more. Mango has a huge fan base, both in India and abroad, and so it usually makes its way into our fruit baskets quite seamlessly during the summer season. And guess who else relates with us? It’s none other than Kalki Koechlin.  

The actor, who is known for her choice of films and her outspoken nature, often shares snippets from her daily life, especially of her baby girl, Sappho. Kalki’s social media feed is one of the most relatable, as she likes to keep it real. And so, keeping up with her usual self, Kalki took to Instagram to share what her Monday looked like and how mangoes rule the roost in her household, especially for her daughter. 

Well, her latest post is cuteness overload, to say the least. The post features her two-year-old daughter relishing a slice of mango. And from her expression, we could make out how she was completely engrossed in enjoying the slice to the fullest. 

Take a look at what she posted: 

Image: Instagram @kalkikanmani

"Five minutes of deep concentration. #mangogirl #alphonso," Kalki captioned the post. Isn’t it simply adorable? And if you are like us, then this picture has made you crave some mangoes too. So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of a ripe and juicy mango, clean it, peel it and relish it.  

And if you are still to buy some mangoes, we have also got you some quick tips to keep in mind while buying mangoes. These tips will help you buy perfectly sweet and ripe mangoes every single time.  

1. Smell The Aroma

While most of us buy mangoes according to the look of the colour on the peel, one should always go for the aroma first. The more aromatic it is, the sweeter it tastes. The look might mislead, but the aroma would not. 

2. Check The Weight

The heavier the fruit, the more ripened it will be. So, while buying mangoes, if you feel it is heavy, the mango is perfect to be relished. 

4. Feel The Texture 

While one cannot check the texture of a mango without peeling it, one can always press the mangoes lightly to check whether or not it’s ready to eat. A ripe mango can be squeezed easily, unlike the unripe ones. 

5. Avoid Carbide 

Many fruit vendors often use carbide to ripen the mangoes faster, but this practice compromises the taste and aroma of the fruit. While buying mangoes, smell the fruit to find out whether it has a sour or alcoholic aroma. If so, avoid buying it.