Kakdicha Karda: Know Why The Maharashtrian Dish Is Going Viral
Image Credit: Unsplash

Not many people must have heard of a sabzi made from cucumber. Mostly, cucumber is used to make delicious salads and as one of the condiments used in the preparation of sandwiches and burgers. But people will be surprised to know that a special delicacy in Maharashtra called Kakdicha Karda is entirely made of cucumber. This recipe involves cooking cucumber in the sabzi style and making a delicious dish out of it.

Mahima Dhoot, popularly known as diningwithdhoot is a famous food influencer on Instagram. She keeps on releasing fascinating recipes from around the country that are both delicious and lesser-known. In her latest Instagram which has gained over 166 K likes, she talks about the special Maharashtrian delicacy called Kakdicha Karda which is a sabji made completely by using cucumber. 

In the reel, she can be seen grating a cucumber by first cutting it into small pieces, and then using a grater. Then she takes the grated cucumber and extracts the excess water out of it with the help of her hands. In the background, she can be heard talking about the recipe and how it is so lesser known yet appetising. 

Image Credits: Unsplash

She then takes a cauldron and puts in some vegetable oil. She then roasted some rai seeds, red chilli powder, turmeric, and green chillies and mixed everything well. After cooking everything for a couple of minutes, she adds grated cucumber. All of the mixture is thoroughly mixed and salt per test is added to the food. Now a mixture of chickpea flour (besan) and water is added to the sabji. 

The mixture has a slightly thick consistency and everything is mixed well. Then the whole mixture is covered and allowed to steam. Mahima tells the viewers that this step will help in ensuring everything is cooked and mixed properly. She then serves the sabji on a plate with some chapatis.

The super viral recipe is on the verge of gaining 10 million likes and this goes on to say that people are simply in love with this enticing recipe.