Kaju Ke Samose Are The Latest Holi Bites That You Need To Try Right Away
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/YouTube, Filled with cashews and a special masala, these samosas taste heavenly.

The crispy, deep-fried conical pastries that are generally stuffed with potatoes and peas are a favourite evening snack in our country. Be it Holi, Diwali or a regular day, our fascination for fried snacks is immense. We love our pakoras, bondas and vadas so much so that we end up eating them every now and then. Samosas and kachoris are usual suspects on the chai ka table in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Flaky and fried in hot oil, they are served with condiments like coriander chutney, tamarind chutney and sometimes, even side dishes like aloo and chole ki subzi. 

Now, if we were to tell you that your beloved samosa has undergone a nutty twist then? This eatery in Ghaziabad is selling samosas stuffed with a delicious kaju masala. Recently, a food blogger called Food Fatafat shared a video on their YouTube channel taking us through the process of the making of these unique samosas. Captioned as, “Holi special Kaju samosa making in Mega kitchen”, we are shown each step with which the crispy bites are prepared. Here, take a look. 

         Source: Food Fatafat/YouTube

The video begins with the making of the dough of the samosas. Loads of flour is churned along with ghee in a huge machine. Once it is kneaded, the dough comes out in lumps. This is kept aside. Meanwhile, the kaju aka cashews are fried in hot oil. Once they are deep-fried, the excess oil is removed and they are kept separately to cool down. Then the special masala powder, consisting of amchur, black salt and other spices is prepared and dunked into the kaju. This is mixed well. The dough is rolled into small chapattis and made thin. The kaju masala is filled into the conical dough and sealed from the edges. This is then deep-fried in oil and served hot.

Doesn’t it look really tempting? The video has made us rethink our idea of samosas and we are thinking of some interesting ideas too. You can try these recipes too. 

1.  Green Peas Samosa 

Instead of aloo, you can take some sweet green peas and mash them to make a spicy samosa filling. The dough is filled with the peas mixture and what you get at the end is a hot and crispy bite. The samosas are served with a fresh coriander chutney. 

2.  Cocktail Chana Samosa 

These are tiny, bite-sized versions of the regular samosa that work well for parties and large gatherings. These snacks can be popped into the mouth at once and are easy to eat. These are stuffed with a fiery chana masala and eaten with tomato ketchup. 

3.    Chicken Samosa 

Looking for a non-vegetarian snack? The samosas can be turned into one. Stuffed with a minced meat filling, these chicken samosas would surely be a hit at your party.